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Jitterbit Health breaks down complex healthcare data to make it universally read, understood, and accessed.

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We give the health care industry a single-secure platform to access clinical data and workflow data and a way to ease into fee-for-value. Jitterbit Health helps providers to access clinical data, better understand treatment decisions, evaluate patient outcomes, meet changing regulatory requirements, and streamline operations to improve patient care.

Why Jitterbit Health?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Service is mandating a shift from fee-for-service to fee-for-value (FFV) reimbursement. Accessing patient data is still a tedious, inefficient process, complicated by the existence of numerous data standards and disparate electronic medical record systems.

  • Interoperability is key to create, assess, and report health care outcomes from disparate sources
  • Doctors will be incentivized on the quality and cost of a patient episode rather than quantity
  • Providers must be able to read, track and systematically manage data from dozens of endpoints

What Jitterbit Health Does

Comprehensive access to clinical data and workflows in a format that works well with other systems.

  • Inform better treatment decisions
  • Evaluate patient outcomes
  • Meet changing regulatory requirements
  • Enable more efficient operations
  • Improve patient care

Become a Jitterbit Health Partner

Medical Device Manufacturers

Securely link to EHR systems, automatically update patient records with device data, and collect usage data.

  • Improve data capture accuracy and reduce manual transfer procedures
  • Eliminate manual re-entry of data into devices and onsite clinical systems
  • Enjoy 24/7/365 system oversight and issue identification
  • Gain a better understanding of how clinicians use devices
  • Expand device usage and provide proactive support
  • Keep patient care moving by automatically connecting devices to EHR systems

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Healthcare Application Developers

Build in secure access to rich clinical data from the start. Interoperability improves the patient experience and enables superior analytics for any healthcare application.

  • Achieve EHR and PMS integration out of the box to achieve greater flexibility
  • Deliver additional value by building in accurate data from disparate systems
  • Capture and analyze enhanced usage data

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Healthcare Providers and Payers

Improve outcomes for clinical procedures with automated data entry and task assignment.

  • Streamline operations while verifying all steps in the process are followed
  • Ensure procedures align with documented patient needs
  • Configure procedural and follow-up tasks
  • Easily track patient outcomes

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Oncology Data Analytics

Bring order to the inconsistent, and often-chaotic, world of electronic health records.

  • Access and code medical data from oncology practices across the U.S.
  • Automate the way data is shared through a secure network
  • Experienced in the CancerLinQ system
  • Leverage big data to improve cancer care

EMR Vendors

Amplify the value of your EMR system by bringing in rich clinical data from other sources to accelerate operations, enhance treatment decisions and understand outcomes.


Breaking down barriers to help clients automate business processes, streamline order processes, transform cancer care, and improve quality.

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