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GDPR is in Effect as of May 25: Jitterbit Ensures Organizations Achieve and Maintain Compliance

Jitterbit’s Harmony platform surpasses the requirements issued by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and meets new requirements for permission to share any data collected from citizens of and residents in the European Union (EU), as well as access to and the ability to control and delete their data.

The arrival of GDPR took effect on May 25th, 2018. GDPR protects individual’s rights to access their data and safeguards the way data is processed, as well as other conditions. The most common reason GDPR has come about is due to such a high number of data breaches that have happened over the years, exposing personal data over the internet. Because of GDPR, organizations will be required to notify national bodies to ensure citizens can take action and protect their personal information from being exploited.

How GDPR Affects Your Business:

  • Your business will need to provide details to data subjects on how their personal data is used, processed, and for what purpose, upon request.
  • Your business must notify data subjects within 72 hours of a breach.
  • Data protection must be included in the design of a system and not after.
  • Individuals have the right to require a company to delete all personal data.
  • There must be a clear affirmative action in agreement to transfer one’s personal data.
  • The Data Protection Officer (DPO) for your organization is responsible for ensuring, in an independent manner, the internal application of all regulations.

GDPR mandates that organizations must follow strict rules for how they collect, share, and protect personal information. The new regulations impact beyond companies based in the EU, because most global companies located outside of the EU collect or store data for EU subjects, they too are required to adhere to GDPR regulations. If GDPR rules and regulations are violated, your organization runs the risk of fines up to 4% of total global turnover.

How Your Organization Can Protect Itself From Such Penalties:

  • Assess your current data processes and systems.
  • Invest in and use customized and secure technology solutions.
  • Assign a Data Privacy Officer.
  • Work with solution providers who are GDPR-compliant.

How Jitterbit Can Help You Become GDPR Compliant:

Jitterbit has appointed Joost De Bot and Jacob Stanton to serve as data privacy officers for the EU and US, respectively. These new roles oversee Jitterbit’s company-wide and regional data storage and processing policies and respond to customers’ data requests and inquiries. Also, we have taken significant measures to ensure our clients are GDPR compliant. The following aspects of the Jitterbit Harmony platform that support GDPR compliance include:

  • The Harmony platform surpasses security requirements mandated by GDPR for protecting personal data and fulfills new requirements for consent to share any data collected from its customers in the EU, as well as for customers to access and delete their data.
  • Jitterbit’s Harmony platform uses clear and easy-to-understand workflows to track the path of GDPR data, helping enterprise clients across the globe ensure that they maintain GDPR compliance as they connect systems and applications that store data from their own customers in the EU.
  • Privacy-by-design and privacy-by-default principles incorporated into workflows.  
  • Synchronization of customers’ opt-in consent between various systems.
  • Easy auditing of data processing workflows to confirm limits on data collection and management of personal data usage with regard to stated preferences.
  • Updated process for cross-border data transfers and restrictions.
  • Fully independent clouds for EU and non-EU geographies to ensure data on the platform will not be exposed to regions without client authorization.

Furthermore, we are ready to assist customers in the completion of their own Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs), if they are the Controller. We want to help your organization prosper in the digital age while ensuring global data privacy obligations are met.

The Jitterbit Harmony integration platform helps simplify the collection of your valuable customer data, providing a  secure, 360° view of vital information so that both individuals and organizations can benefit from the digital economy whilst remaining compliant. Learn how Jitterbit can help your company remain compliant with GDPR.

We understand there are multiple components of GDPR compliance to consider, and many organizations are still formulating plans to address GDPR privacy regulations. To help organizations achieve and maintain compliance, Jitterbit hosted a webinar on Thursday, April 20th, titled:  Five Key Elements for Every GDPR Plan. Please feel free to listen to our experts, who highlighted five key elements for a sustainable GDPR strategy and how Jitterbit’s enterprise iPaaS solution helps businesses achieve compliance.


Editor’s note: This post was originally published in May of 2018 and has since been updated.

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