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Jitterbit perfectly integrates systems across internal acquisitions at Red Luxury

Jitterbit perfectly integrates systems across internal acquisitions at Red Luxury


Founded in Paris, Red Luxury is a jewelry and watch company that designs, manufactures and distributes its proprietary brands worldwide. At a time when the market is quickly shifting, Red Luxury‘s purpose is to disrupt the traditional watch and jewelry business by investing in trendy and up-and-coming brands.

Red Luxury has opened offices in New York, Geneva, Dubai and Hong Kong to strengthen its worldwide presence. Around 30% of the company’s turnover is through ecommerce.


Over a nine year period Red Luxury has acquired and developed a number of jewelry and watch brands, transforming them into profitable companies through Red Luxury’s successful distribution channels.

Each of the companies Red Luxury acquires has its own legacy infrastructure, its own enterprise resource planning (ERP), finance and HR software. This creates efficiency challenges when the brands are brought in under the Red Luxury umbrella. The company needed to find a way to streamline business processes across the companies it acquires, for existing acquisitions and to support further acquisitions in the future.


  • No consolidated way to manage stock inventory or sales across offices, companies and countries
  • Inefficiencies due to multiple companies operating in silos, slowing down company growth
  • Heavy reliance on manual processes, including setting up products on Red Luxury systems, and manual sales and purchase order processing


  • All software systems perfectly integrated across acquired companies and borders
  • Streamlined processes, from purchasing to inventory and from ecommerce to logistics
  • Manual processes eliminated, leaving one full-time person free to work on other growth centered tasks


Red Luxury began implementing NetSuite in its head office in France, supported by BAE360, a company that works with SMEs to accelerate global growth through software solutions. The team at Red Luxury were keen to roll out NetSuite across its portfolio of companies and integrate this with other solutions that were required, such as the ecommerce platform Magento and logistics software. BAE360 recommended Jitterbit for the integration of software solutions across offices and countries, and the journey with Jitterbit began in March 2020. Red Luxury had previously considered a Jitterbit competitor to do the work but BAE360 were convinced that Jitterbit would do an excellent job. Red Luxury turned to Jitterbit to carry out the integrations, and they were delighted that they did.


With Jitterbit installed, Red Luxury has removed any software-related barriers that could have impeded its trajectory to success. By eliminating any bottlenecks or silos associated with using a mix of software solutions, the company has streamlined processes. This gives the Red Luxury team more time to focus on business growth, instead of dealing with legacy software products. It also gives them one single viewpoint of how the group of companies is operating, without manually accessing different systems. This makes it easier to run, from the ground-up right through to a management reporting perspective.

“Everything is all connected with Jitterbit including our ecommerce selling channels, helping us to better manage inventory and sales. We are very happy with the outcome – it works perfectly – and we know we can always add solutions in the future which is great.”
– Romain Bénichou, CEO, Red Luxury


Red Luxury’s CEO, Romain Bénichou, is delighted that all the company’s systems are connected perfectly. His teams have given him positive feedback on how Jitterbit has enabled faster and more efficient ways to work, free of manual processes. They have also requested that further endpoints are integrated in the future.

“We particularly feel the benefit of not having to double check information and reports,” says Romain. “This was previously a real problem for us – it was a full-time job – but now we are far more efficient and we save so much time. None of this would have been possible without Jitterbit.”

The Red Luxury team didn’t even need much training. One person received a little training from Jitterbit t but because it’s so intuitive to use, that was all that was needed. The project was also completed on time and within budget. The next regions to integrate within the group will be the Dubai and New York offices in 2021.

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