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Unlike the first-generation applicant tracking systems it replaces, SmartRecruiters provides an amazing candidate experience, hiring managers actually want to use the product and recruiters love it because their jobs are easier.




  • Workday (HRIS)
  • PeopleSoft (HRIS)
  • SAP (HRIS)
  • ADP (HRIS)
  • UltiPro (HRIS)
  • Financial Force (HRIS)
  • Oracle Fusion (HRIS)
  • SilkRoad (onboarding system)
  • Monster (job board)
  • TalentWise (background check)
  • Take the Interview (video interview)
  • BambooHR (HRIS)
  • HireVue (video interview)


  • Doing integration for their customers was traditionally challenging and expensive.
  • Needed an integration tool to use for all their different vendors, that was easy to get onboarded on and let a user support integrations built by another user.


  • Increased win rate
  • Faster sales cycle
  • Higher customers satisfaction
  • Saved money and time, as one-off custom integrations and external resources were no longer needed
HR Integrations

SmartRecruiters Simplifies Hiring with Data Integration

The talent acquisition space is often fragmented and frustrating, involving processes that lose candidates along the way and systems that hinder collaboration among hiring teams. Yet finding and retaining the right people is vital to every company.

“Recruiting is not a module. It is one of the biggest drivers of a company’s success. You have a platform for your CRM and finance. You also need one for recruiting,” said, SmartRecruiters COO, Brett Queener.

With a next-gen talent acquisition platform, SmartRecruiters is on a mission to disrupt the industry and make hiring easy.

Part of this mission involves seamlessly connecting HRIS, such as Peoplesoft and SAP, as well as systems like Workday, Monster, TalentWise and more for their customers. Integration helps SmartRecruiters connect fragmented process, boost collaboration for hiring teams and surface crucial candidate and employee information.

“Jitterbit’s integration platform is a key lever in our value proposition, which is that we’re going to make hiring easy. Our customers can run all of their systems in one place. Before Jitterbit, endpoint connections were costly and brittle—and often didn’t happen at all because they were too painful.”

– Brett Queener, COO for SmartRecruiters

Now, with Jitterbit Harmony, the integration process is easier and faster, which boosts productivity, enables company growth and helps make their customers successful.

Magnifying Customer Success

From manual data entry to lack of visibility, legacy recruiting systems and processes made hiring incredibly difficult. When SmartRecruiters set out to make hiring easy, they knew that integration was an essential part of the equation—even though integration was traditionally also very difficult in the space.

“For many of our customers, they are doing integration for the first time because it was too costly and challenging before,” Queener said.

One common connection that Jitterbit improves is HRIS to a recruiting system, like SmartRecruiters.

Queener explained that there are four critical benefits to this integration:

  • Real-time information: A lot of data lives in an HRIS. Hiring plans and approved budgets change all the time. Connecting this information and surfacing it to the right people at the right time is critical. With Jitterbit, recruiting teams and hiring managers know what’s going on in real-time, so they spend their time actually recruiting instead of wasting time extracting data.
  • Better processes: To have a smooth hiring and onboarding process, the appropriate codes, cost centers and categorizations need to be synced in a variety of systems. Often this meant manual data entry and long, inefficient processes. With Jitterbit, the processes are fully integrated and automated.
  • More collaboration: Unlike legacy recruiting systems with user-based licensing, SmartRecruiters employs company-wide licenses and, through integration, leverages single sign-on (SSO). Because anyone can be part of the hiring process at any time, this structure promotes collaboration and allows everyone in an organization access to the most current and accurate information.
  • Improved productivity: Integration removes the barriers caused by disparate systems and clunky processes that get in the way and waste time.

Extrapolate benefits likes this across all the systems needed for recruiting, hiring and retaining employees and it’s no surprise that SmartRecruiters has a very happy customer base.

Enabling Growth

Not only customers reap the rewards of integration. Queener credits SmartRecruiters’ tremendous growth in part to integration.

“We went from zero to super enterprise in less than two years,” Queener said. “We couldn’t do that without the integration offerings from Jitterbit that we have.”

Before using Jitterbit, SmartRecruiters used boutique, expensive integration firms that took up to 10 weeks to complete an integration.

The one-off integrations lengthened deal closures, because when implementation plan discussions started, a lot of time was spent wrestling with how to do integration and where the budget will come from. Plus, that type of integration hurts customers, because they are nickel-and-dimed on everything from implementation to maintenance.

“Jitterbit took a 10-week process down to one week,” Queener said. Jitterbit’s faster and easier integration solution saved SmartRecruiters money, positioned them better against competition, therefore increasing their win rate, and accelerated the sales cycle.

Technical Advantages

The SmartRecuiters integration project process involves four different areas: requirements gathering, design, test and build.

“Of the buckets where we spend our time, the Jitterbit portion is the fastest and easiest part of the project,” said Joshua Skifstrom, integration consultant at SmartRecruiters.

It’s faster and easier because Jitterbit enables SmartRecuiters to use templates for common integrations, such as syncing users, foundational data, jobs and hired candidates between SmartRecruiters and their HRIS. This templatization not only cuts down on the number of hours to produce an integration, which reduces the cost to the client, but it also makes supporting integrations for different clients simpler and it allows anyone who has built with Jitterbit to hop into a colleague’s integration without having to do a complicated hand-off.

“We don’t have to start from scratch every time; we just tweak the integration for each use case,” said Cristine Dewar, integration consultant for SmartRecruiters.

The SmartRecruiters integration team also saves time with the ability to create custom APIs that can receive data and easily trigger integrations with very complicated routing logic. Dewar explains, “Another thing that Jitterbit is very good at is importing any web service and being able to immediately use that structure. Anyone who has done integrations can tell you what a pain it is getting a web service formatted correctly. Jitterbit makes it simple; you just give it the WSDL for Workday, SilkRoad or whatever vendor you are working with and it prepopulates a perfect structure.”

Easy, fast connections enabled by Jitterbit help SmartRecruiters provide seamless integration to their customers, improving the recruiting process and helping make hiring easy.

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