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Accelerate Order Processing for a seamless buying journey with Shopify and NetSuite integration.
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Automate workflows between Shopify and NetSuite

Shopify integration with NetSuite is the seamless connection between the two systems because it enables an automated data synchronization between the front-end sales and customer management functionalities of Shopify and the back-end financial, inventory, and order fulfillment capabilities of NetSuite to streamline operations and enhance efficiency for ecommerce businesses.

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Experience the benefits of ERP and ecommerce integration

NetSuite integration with Shopify enables businesses to achieve streamlined operations by automating key ecommerce workflows such as order processing, inventory management, shipping, fulfillment, and customer data updates. Businesses can also facilitate improved decision-making by consolidating data from both platforms which provides comprehensive reports on sales and product performance, inventory levels, and customer behavior. Enhance brand loyalty by syncing data between Shopify and NetSuite to ensure that customer information, order history, and preferences are readily available across channels, enabling personalized experiences and fostering long-term customer relationships.

Automate order-to-fulfillment

Integrate Shopify with NetSuite to streamline the order-to-fulfillment lifecycle by automating data transfers between the two systems to ensure the synchronization of inventory levels, order updates, shipping information and more. Improve order accuracy, reduce fulfillment times, and improve customer satisfaction by providing customers with timely and reliable shipping notifications and product info, all while efficiently managing their inventory and logistics processes. For example, let’s say a customer places an order on Shopify and decides to pick up the item from a physical store. Integration between Shopify and NetSuite ensures that order details are instantly reflected in NetSuite. This flow of information allows staff to promptly fulfill the order and update inventory levels across all channels. Consequently, integrating these two platforms prevents stockouts or overselling products. This ensures accurate inventory records and optimizes procurement and stocking strategies.

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Expedite order processing

Integrating NetSuite with Shopify expedites order processing, regardless of volume, by automating order, product, and customer data into NetSuite which eliminates the need for manual entry. Automation ensures real-time inventory updates across both platforms which prevents issues like overselling and understocking, enables quick adjustments based on sales and customer preferences, and provides teams with immediate access to order details for faster picking, packing, and shipping. Businesses will enhance order processing and improve the customer experiences because orders are processed correctly the first time.

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Increase data confidence

Ensure data consistency across your business by synchronizing data between Shopify and NetSuite. NetSuite integration with Shopify ensures updates made in one platform are automatically reflected in the other, eliminating discrepancies and ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the most accurate and up-to-date data. Whether it’s inventory levels, order statuses, or customer details, a synchronized data flow ensures the consistent visibility of data across various departments and teams including sales, marketing, fulfillment, and support. Data confidence increases because teams know they are working with consistent and reliable data, leading to smoother operations and improved customer experiences.

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Anticipate customer needs

Turn insight into innovation through Shopify integration with NetSuite with real-time access to customer purchasing preference data so you are less reactive and more proactive when engaging with customers. Access to essential ecommerce, product, and customer data helps businesses identify successful strategies and areas for improvement to facilitate a seamless purchasing experience for customers. Customer support teams also benefit because they can quickly access order and customer data which keeps them a step ahead of inquiries and support tickets.

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Use Case

Shopify/NetSuite connector

Automate workflows across the entire commerce journey—from orders and inventory to shipping and returns—by connecting your Shopify store to your NetSuite ERP system.

Integrate your front-end web store or platform with your ERP system and CRM to automate critical business processes throughout the ecommerce journey.

  • Meet customer expectations and accelerate order processing by integrating your web store with your ERP system.

  • Eliminate cart abandonment by automating timely product updates with your web store.

  • Provide real-time, accurate shipping information by connecting your ERP system and 3PL with your web store.

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Jitterbit’s Harmony
integration platform

Jitterbit’s Harmony is a low-code integration platform designed to automate workflows and streamline business processes throughout the enterprise. It allows for seamless connections across SaaS, on-premises, and legacy systems, enabling the rapid development of new business applications. As a scalable, user-friendly, cloud-native platform, Harmony offers enterprise-grade security and governance. With Harmony, you can:

  • Design any integration rapidly with our modern graphical interface
  • Build and maintain integration workflows using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Use hundreds of pre-built application connectors, recipes, and templates to create and automate workflows
  • Build reusable connectors to suit your use case
  • Create a connector in four easy steps
  • Execute your custom request and response workflows

Streamline Item, Order, and
Customer Data Processing

Our Shopify integration platform facilitates automated, bi-directional data exchange between business platforms. This integration can be performed over numerous touchpoints to streamline business processes. Jitterbit’s integration solutions move order, inventory, product data, shipping updates, and customer information seamlessly between systems, resulting in satisfied customers and efficient operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Shopify Integrations

What types of applications can be integrated with Shopify?

Shopify can integrate with any ERP, CRM, or other back-end accounting system. We can also integrate Shopify to warehouse management platforms, shipping solutions, and other external applications that you would like to sync data with to ensure a complete integrated ecommerce ecosystem.

What are some of the benefits of Shopify ERP?

By integrating Shopify with your ERP system there is a seamless bi-directional flow of data between Shopify and your ERP system. Some benefits of our Shopify integration platform include the following:

  • Customer info and inventory data will automatically update in both NetSuite and Shopify
  • New order or existing order updates in Shopify sync automatically in your ERP system
  • Shipping information and status is updated in Shopify when an item is marked ‘shipped’ in your ERP system
  • Inventory levels, pricing, and shipping information are consistent across systems and marketplaces

Why choose Jitterbit as a Shopify integration platform?

Outcomes of using Jitterbit’s Shopify integration platform include the following:

  • 95% of customers achieve ROI from our deployments in less than one year
  • 40% (up to) reduction in transactional errors by up to 40%
  • 20% increase in efficiency in order-to-cash cycle process
  • 80% acceleration in deployments using Jitterbit’s pre-built integrations for Shopify, including connectors, templates, and workflows

How can I partner with Jitterbit and Shopify?

Jitterbit offers different possibilities for partnerships, including partnerships designed for System Integrators (SIs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). If you have a Shopify consulting practice or are a software vendor and are interested in becoming a Partner, learn more and get in touch here to become a PoweredBy Jitterbit Partner. A partner manager will reach out to see how your business can uniquely benefit from the program.

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