Integration 101: Get Connected to Get Ahead

Integration 101

Many companies struggle with difficult issues like data duplication and inaccuracies, time-consuming manual processes, and different departments using systems that don’t communicate. Combined with the fact that 63% of IT organizations will have no staff change or a decrease in staff in 2016, according to the Spiceworks 2016 State of IT report, companies need a fast and easy way to connect systems and automate business processes.

With IT departments in a crunch, application integration offers a useful way to save staff time by automating processes and eliminating manual work. Having the right cloud integration solution in place means that IT and other professionals will have significant time freed up to focus on more important tasks. (But be aware that with a false cloud solution, IT might be stuck with even more work!)

Given the time-saving benefits and boost to your bottom line that you realize by connecting your data, apps and devices, the question is not if but how you can get an integration project off the ground.  For many organizations, building the business case, evaluating options, and actually implementing an integration solution can feel like a daunting task. But we’re here to help!

We worked with our partners at Monday Call, who are Salesforce integration experts, to put together an Integration 101 guide that can help you kickstart your integration project and get connected. This eBook covers some of the common requirements and use cases for integration, suggests questions you should ask before starting your integration project, and shares real-world customer experiences with integration. With our help, you’ll be able to make the case for connectivity and become the connectivity hero of your company as you lead the way in a project that will save time, money, and stress in 2016.

Download our Integration 101 guide to getting connected now:

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Next up in our series of resources will be a guide to selecting your integration solution, so stay tuned!


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