In a Uniquely Disruptive Environment, Connectivity is Key for Manufacturers

Manufacturing connectivity

Epicor customers need to integrate across business systems to establish end-to-end visibility

By Ron Wastal, SVP, Partner Development, Channels & Alliances

Manufacturing and distribution companies have been operating in uniquely challenging circumstances over the past two years. The COVID-19 pandemic set major upheavals in motion, resulting in labor shortages, rising commodity prices, and continued geo-political uncertainty.

KPMG’s recently published survey findings, Global Manufacturing Prospects 2022, reveal that in the wake of unprecedented disruption, manufacturing CEOs worldwide are now focused on two top objectives: ensuring a resilient supply chain and investing in new technologies to make this possible.

To minimize supply chain risk, Epicor customers need comprehensive integration

If your company is using an Epicor ERP system, you already have powerful IT in place to modernize your manufacturing operations and help you stay competitive in a constantly shifting landscape. But to establish the connectivity and visibility that are vital in minimizing your supply chain risk, you also need to fully integrate your Epicor environment with your other business-critical systems and processes.

Manufacturing and distribution organizations need to seamlessly connect their Epicor systems with their on-premises and cloud-based applications, creating automated workflows across critical functions, including finance, logistics, marketing, order fulfillment, procurement, and sales.

By eliminating data silos and gaining a 360-degree view of business activity, these companies can adapt flexibly to changing market conditions and manage supply chain operations more effectively.

Jitterbit offers Epicor integration solutions and use case expertise designed to deliver business outcomes

For Tulsa Winch Group, a manufacturer that manages complex supply chain processes in producing its mechanical products and electronic systems, an iPaaS deployment proved critical in optimizing workflows. With the Jitterbit Harmony low-code iPaaS solution, the company connected its Epicor environment with its front-end Salesforce CRM application, orchestrating and automating operations to speed processes and greatly reduce manual efforts.

Jitterbit has unique and proven expertise at helping Epicor customers assess, define, build, deliver and support new endpoint integrations, with cloud-based, on-premise or legacy systems. We offer pre-built solutions to automate use cases across the quote to cash business process. Through a low-code, scalable, and feature-rich platform we help you design simple point-to-point integrations as well as streamlining more complex workflows. Unlike some other providers, Harmony provides not just a self-service option, but also a white glove service to meet your unique and complex requirements.

Learn more about how Jitterbit can easily integrate your Epicor environment with your core business systems.

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