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KeyedIn Projects enables your PMO to be more strategic, more efficient, and deliver greater business impact by allowing you to easily forecast and allocate resources, create and analyze portfolios, gain visibility to all your projects, and discover new insights through dynamic PPM analytics. To learn more, visit


  • Wanted customers to have full visibility across their entire workflow, not just the KeyedIn product
  • Needed to be able to connect to virtually any system
  • Needed to include out-of-the-box integrations as part of its solution offering to create differentiation and win market share
  • Wanted to eliminate the need for full-time in-house development resources for integrations
  • Needed an easy to use, flexible, non-technical platform


  • More renewals, longer-term contracts and the ability to say yes to more project requests from customers
  • Made any plausible use case accessible through Jitterbit’s API integration platform
  • Added a level of flexibility, even with hard-coded systems, that allows KeyedIn the solve new customer challenges that provide compelling value
  • Complete visibility for customers across their project management or services delivery workflow
  • Packaged integration offering provides a new competitive advantage
  • Improved customer satisfaction

KeyedIn Solutions iPaaS

KeyedIn® is an agile cloud-based software company delivering powerful results in critical areas like project management and custom manufacturing to specialized vertical markets.

KeyedIn uses Jitterbit to enable KeyedIn Projects—a project management solution for Project Management Offices and Professional Services Organizations—to integrate with any software applications that their customers use: Salesforce, Oracle, Intacct, SugarCRM, Quickbooks Online, Workday and Microsoft Great Plains to name a few.

“Jitterbit helps our customers to be able to use best-of-breed solutions,” said Kevin Hurley, CTO of KeyedIn Solutions. “We now have the ability to say yes to unique customer needs more than we have had in the past. Without Jitterbit, we wouldn’t be in the vast number of business opportunities we are right now.”

The KeyedIn team built the design, orchestration and mapping for the initial integration project, which connected Salesforce, KeyedIn Projects and Intacct. The Jitterbit platform offers an intuitive way to manage the integration project and with the excellent support they received from Jitterbit, the team was able to execute the project quickly.

The biggest benefit KeyedIn achieved is that the integrations can be reused across many customers, allowing KeyedIn teams to interact with data—such as opportunity stages, project timelines, resource planning and financials—in real-time for status updates and reporting.

The connections to CRM and financial systems have given KeyedIn’s PMO customers a well-integrated Project Lifecycle Management solution, from which they can quickly get an overview of projects, respond to activities, and report to sales on project milestones.

“Typically salespeople operate in Salesforce, where they feel most comfortable; project managers and project team members are in a project management system; and accountants and controllers are in Intacct—but to be successful and efficient they have to share data across those systems,” Hurley said.

Other internal teams see the benefits of Jitterbit, too. Development and engineering teams are freed from the time-consuming burden of creating lots of integrations or custom coding for each unique customer situation. They simply leverage the Jitterbit API platform to quickly expose data as APIs.

“I picked Jitterbit four years ago, in large part, because I’m not an engineer. I’m not going to write code, but when I trialed Jitterbit, I set up a Salesforce integration within 24 hours; and it was the only platform that enabled me to do it that quickly,” Hurley said. “That trial sealed the deal.”

Flexibility is key, but so is speed.

“Jitterbit has a really solid and simple approach to get our customers what they need quickly; we can do certain integrations in a matter of hours.”
– Kevin Hurley, CTO of KeyedIn

Hurley also emphasized how Jitterbit Harmony isn’t a stagnant product. “There are significant innovations being released all the time, such as how you can generate outbound messages from API calls and the ability to create an API in Harmony, which is especially exciting because integration is part of every deal we have.”

Because being able to integrate to any platform is such a huge part of KeyedIn’s offering, it’s important for them to understand how it affects their customers. To date, the impact has been extremely positive. According to one PSA Administrator at a healthcare IT company, “When we saw that KeyedIn Projects could meet our essential objectives and integration requirements for existing solutions, it quickly narrowed to a field of one.”

Next up, KeyedIn will be using Jitterbit to enable the company’s manufacturing ERP product, KeyedIn Manufacturing, to support its growing list of small manufacturing customers.

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