Marketing Automation Integration

Centralize marketing data, improve campaign forecasting, and automate data transfers between applications, CRM, and ERP systems.

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Amplify marketing efforts

Save time, reduce costs, increase revenue, and enhance customer engagement throughout the marketing journey from lead to close.

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Make Better Decisions

Consolidate data from different sources to improve data integrity.

Cost Efficiency

Increase Bandwidth

Decrease the ad-hoc requests from users for analytics support.

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Boost Team Alignment

Centralize data to improve the handoff from marketing to sales.

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Ensure a Proper Handoff

Set up data flow triggers that notify sales when prospects are ready to make a purchase.

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Streamline Repetitive Tasks

Automate data flows so teams don’t have to wait on each other for updates.


Elevate Lead Nurture

Automate lead nurture workflows to move prospects through the sales funnel efficiently.

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Enabling businesses to implement modern business strategies

“Jitterbit/Harmony has Saved Our Staff over 6000 Man Hours in the First Year”

– Fawn H., Marketing Process Manager

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Why Jitterbit

Amplify Your Marketing Efforts through Integration

By integrating marketing applications with CRM and ERP systems across channels including social media, email, content creation, and advertising, businesses can create a seamless brand experience for customers.

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