Marketing Automation

Gain visibility to marketing data regardless of channel, provide better forecasting, enhance cross-sell and upsell efforts, and optimize campaign and content creation with automated marketing workflows.

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Connect your marketing applications (or processes) across the customer journey.

Get a complete picture of your marketing data by integrating apps and automating processes across marketing and sales departments. Our iPaaS platform lets you connect your outreach channels and marketing automation solutions to your CRM and ERP—letting you measure the entire prospect to customer journey from lead acquisition to close and beyond. Our pre-built connectors with industry leading marketing applications,—such as Adobe Marketo and Hubspot,—link with Salesforce, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, and more, so you can track and qualify leads more efficiently, optimize campaigns, and forecast pipeline to help drive business goals and meet KPIs.

Why Jitterbit

Optimize your marketing funnel from start to finish.

Every part of your marketing strategy, from campaign design and content creation, to customer retention, benefits when systems are connected and working together. Let Jitterbit’s marketing automation software solutions improve program execution and provide real-time data across teams, so you can spend more time building and optimizing your campaigns and less time coordinating them.


Media Planning & Budget Management

Leverage marketing automation across systems so you have better visibility of all data for budget planning, pipeline development, and retention metrics.


Campaign Attribution

Ensure campaign data is tied to back-end systems, regardless of channel, for a clearer picture of lead to qualified counts and conversions, what channels are getting the most traction, what content is being consumed, and customer acquisition costs (CAC).


Analytics & Measurement Strategy

Track every aspect of your marketing funnel across disparate channels, from advertising and PPC, calls-to-action to conversion, to the moment a lead is passed on to sales.

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Lead Flow Management

Automatically sync marketing data across platforms for better visibility of the customer journey from prospect, to close, to customer so sales and marketing teams use the same data as they develop KPIs and pipeline contribution.


Connect Marketing & Sales Data

Use Jitterbit’s integration software to connect marketing and sales data and eliminate departmental silos. Want more? Add implementation and customer success data for a complete picture of the customer journey, after they close, to improve targeted cross-selling and upselling planning.

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"Jitterbit/Harmony has Saved Our Staff over 6000 Man Hours in the First Year"

Fawn H. | Marketing Process Manager

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From better customer experiences to scaling your business, Jitterbit offers a host of automation tools and platforms that can help you grow faster.

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