CoverMe Chooses Jitterbit to Transform Point-of-Service Healthcare

Insurance Eligibility Innovator Leverages Jitterbit Harmony API Integration Platform to Massively Scale Integrations for Connected Healthcare Marketplace

Alameda, Calif., Nov. 19, 2019 — Jitterbit, the API transformation company, today announced that CoverMe, an innovator in healthcare finance, eligibility and enrollment software, has chosen Jitterbit as its API integration platform that underpins the recently unveiled CoverMe Healthcare Finance Marketplace. The CoverMe Marketplace assesses eligibility at the point-of-service and recommends optimal financial support programs for patients, helping reduce administrative burdens and associated costs for more than 100,000 healthcare providers and their patients across the United States.

The uninsured and underinsured patient population is growing fast, leaving hospitals and other healthcare providers scrambling to address the growing crisis caused by rising levels of uncompensated care and bad debt. Manually screening and qualifying patients for individual programs is a complicated, lengthy, and expensive process. Patients need immediate access to coverage choices and financing alternatives, while hospitals need point-of-service eligibility support and an integrated marketplace of actionable choices to find compensated care.

CoverMe answered that need by offering a small number of provider-approved, patient-friendly coverage and financing alternatives, delivered in real-time at the point of service. However, the company needed to find a way to scale its vision and easily integrate a massive amount of data from state programs, major insurers, financing partners, community programs, pharmaceutical programs, EHRs and other sources. To do so with an internal developer staff would have been cost- and time-prohibitive. Using Jitterbit, CoverMe is able to easily and quickly integrate any system, with the ability to scale to support an unlimited number of endpoints and workflows. This capability has allowed CoverMe to determine the healthcare program or product combinations to meet the real-time financial needs of both patients and providers.

“We take pride in improving patient experiences and reducing their financial burden while simultaneously decreasing bad debt from uncompensated care and increasing efficiency in hospitals. Healthcare institutions are able to double or even triple their productivity with our service,” said Catherine Engelbrecht, Chief Experience Officer, CoverMe. “Jitterbit’s reliable, scalable and fast integration capabilities enabled us to massively scale the number of coverage and financing programs offered in our marketplace, so that more patients and hospitals across the U.S. can get the compensated care that they so desperately need.”

Jitterbit’s market-leading API integration platform enables companies to rapidly connect SaaS, on-premises and cloud applications and instantly infuse artificial intelligence into any business process. Intuitive API creation technology enables organizations to reuse business-critical applications and data to bring new offerings to market in days, not months. Jitterbit’s easy-to-use yet powerful offering gives all users – from business users to technically advanced specialists – the tools they need to handle different integration scenarios, so organizations can keep up with the rising demand for connectivity.

“Integration is a modern-day Rosetta stone that helps patients, healthcare institutions and insurance providers all speak the same language,” said George Gallegos, CEO, Jitterbit. “Trying to custom code the countless potential combinations of necessary data and systems is a high-risk scenario that guarantees a skyrocketing cost of labor, long lag times, and security and governance gaps. We’re thrilled to be able to provide the CoverMe team with a standards-based integration solution that is scalable, repeatable and accurate so they can quickly bring their new healthcare paradigm to market.”

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Jitterbit, the API transformation company, makes it quicker and easier for businesses to exploit data from any source, empowering them to rapidly innovate and make faster, more effective decisions. The Jitterbit API integration platform enables companies to quickly connect SaaS, on-premises, and cloud applications and instantly infuse intelligence into any business process. To learn more, visit and follow @Jitterbit on Twitter.

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CoverMe finds payer sources for every single patient, every single time. Our SaaS-enabled marketplace offers provider-approved, patient-friendly, selection of coverage and financing alternatives, offered by a variety of government, commercial, private, pharmaceutical, andcommunity programs. By assessing and scoring patient data through AI-driven rules andrisk engines, CoverMe determines optimum healthcare program or product combinations to meet the real-time financial needs of both patients and providers.


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