Electrolux gains intelligence in their logistics management with support


Electrolux is a leading global manufacturer of domestic appliances. Their goal is to shape living for the better by reinventing taste, care, and wellbeing experiences for more enjoyable and sustainable living.


In a scenario where online sales have become top of mind, having logistical intelligence is fundamental, especially for industries working in a B2C (business to consumer) model. This was the challenge for Electrolux. With an operation that processes thousands of orders per day, they struggled to deliver a high volume of products due to issues with carrier miscommunications.

“Our relationship with Jitterbit began in 2016 when we had a big migration project of a new ERP. Ever since our first contact with them, Jitterbit brought solutions that simplified our day-to-day and allowed us to focus on the evolution of our business. In 2018, we chose Jitterbit as a strategic partner for our Latin American expansion because we believed they offered a robust and efficient solution which was highly adaptable to the plurality of our region,” said Gabriel Gomes, Electrolux’s Direct to Consumer LA.


After implementing Jitterbit’s Wevo iPaaS solution, Electrolux experienced a completely new reality.

Through its unified integration platform, Jitterbit implemented a TMS (transportation management system) tool inside their delivery operation. A “barrel” intelligence was created, allowing the deliveries to fill up one carrier and then “overflow” to the next one available when a limit is reached, observing their respective maximum capacities.


Since implementing Wevo iPaaS, Electrolux has been able to reduce their average delivery time for e-commerce orders by two days. The technology also brought them costs and labor reduction, besides supporting the integration of products, stock, prices, and orders.

After outstanding results in their Brazilian operations, Jitterbit’s partnership with Electrolux is beginning to extend to other countries in Latin America. “We are currently in the trial phase, but we’re already integrating in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Colombia,” said Diogo Lupinari, VP Jitterbit LATAM Region.

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