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Accelerating M&A Value Creation (Part 1)

M&A Podcast Series - Episode 2 - Part 1

Strategies for the Modern Merger: Accelerating M&A Value Creation (Part 1)

Tune in to this episode of Jitterbit’s M&A series: Strategies for the Modern Merger, Accelerating M&A Value Creation (Part 1), where we delve into the critical role of early integration planning in M&A deals and how it can speed up value creation. Our expert guests, Connor Augustyn, Senior Manager at West Monroe, and Jeremy Parker, COO at Jitterbit, offer valuable insights from a C-Suite perspective on when you should start planning for integrations during the M&A lifecycle and what integration needs should be considered. Don’t miss this episode, packed with actionable strategies for maximizing ROI and minimizing risk in your M&A deals.

You can listen to Accelerating M&A Value Creation (Part 2) here.

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