Fashion industry giant, La Moda, releases online operations using the Jitterbit’s Wevo iPaaS

June 11, 2021

La Moda chooses Jitterbit as its strategic partner for seamless integration between the SAP and VTEX systems.

“In the e-commerce projects of the brands Lança Perfume and Enna, Jitterbit was a surprising partner, giving us fast, high-quality deliveries. Our strategy was to fit Jitterbit into the timetables of our Agency, VTEX and SAP team, and they were flexible enough to adjust to those timetables. Jitterbit’s delivery was, and still is, of the highest quality, with a robust and stable platform, ensuring the performance of our operation.”
– Claudio Rogério Boatto, La Moda’s IT Manager


Founded in 1986, La Moda started as a small family business and, today, they are a reference in fashion in Brazil. From the beginning, what made them stand out was their artisanal work and their detail-rich pieces. With their headquarters in the city of Criciúma and a physical structure that spans over 15,000 square meters, they have over 850 direct and 2,000 indirect employees, whose main purpose is to bring emotion to people’s lives.


La Moda was faced with three major challenges:

  1. Releasing two online operations in 90 days, internalizing the e-commerce of their Lança Perfume brand, which used to be managed by a third party, and constructing the e-commerce of their ENNA brand.
  2. Integrating their SAP systems, responsible for their financial and stock back offices, with the VTEX e-commerce platform, chosen for the online operations of their Lança Perfume and ENNA brands, also in 90 days.
  3. After Lança Perfume had been internalized and Enna had been released, migrating the platform of their MYFT brand into the new structure.


La Moda has chosen Jitterbit as its strategic partner in order to make viable the integration between the SAP and VTEX systems they use in their operation, especially because of our technology, specialized in systems and data integration, and our know-how when it comes to integrating e-commerce and back office operations.


The strategy of bringing Jitterbit in as a partner was very assertive and, due to the intelligent connectors present in our platform, allowed customer-specific customizations to be implemented. That way, we were able to integrate La Moda’s SAP and VTEX systems respecting the 90-day deadline, thus making a completely automated online operation possible.

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