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Customer Q & A: EXOSTAR LLC

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The ongoing Customer Q & A blog series highlights a wide range of Jitterbit customers to find out what business needs drove their integration requirements and why they made Jitterbit their integration solution of choice.

In this week’s hot seat is Alexander Soloviev, Business Systems Analyst, Exostar, LLC

How did you find out about Jitterbit and what were some of the reasons you chose it as your integration solution?

Exostar is a leader in secure cloud-based solutions that improve collaboration, information sharing, and supply chain management for over 100,000 companies worldwide, including some of the largest players in aerospace and defense, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and financial services. Our secure, cloud-based, single-sign-on identity and access management platform and our multi-enterprise collaboration solutions allow users to connect once and access all their critical applications and information across the spectrum of partners and vendors they work with.

Exostar attracts customers with advanced requirements for cloud-based solutions to solve major business challenges; however they can’t compromise on security.  To insure we meet their requirements, Exostar migrated to a cloud ERP/CRM (NetSuite) solution internally and soon found ourselves needing to bridge the gap between our internal systems and our external solutions in order to streamline customer and subscription management processes.  This requirement to integrate two systems resulted in an evaluation of various integration platforms that would be flexible enough and scalable to anticipate future growth.

We evaluated several solutions before making the decision to use Jitterbit.  The three primary solutions we considered at the time were Dell Boomi, Talend, and Celigo.

We were looking for a flexible solution that could be managed more by a business analyst person rather than a JAVA developer at a reasonable cost.  Jitterbit fell directly into that bucket.  It met our requirements from the perspective of being able to integrate various sources with various targets quickly and easily without high development overhead.  In our initial trial of the Jitterbit platform, we were able to set up the environment and successfully test a web services operation within a few hours.

How do you currently use Jitterbit?

We use Jitterbit to synchronize customer/subscription data between the HUB and NetSuite so we can manage customer data and subscriptions.  So the Hub is our customer facing application that’s at the core of our business.  Then Jitterbit is used to connect it to NetSuite, our ERP/CRM system.  Then the additional connections points are focused around NetSuite:

  1. To drive integration between NetSuite and Adaptive Insights for Budgeting purposes.  We have automated API integration to load actuals from NetSuite to Adaptive Insights.

  2. To streamline order fulfillment  – NetSuite API integration with a 3rd Party Fulfillment application to automate shipment of orders

  3. And we utilize FTP to supplement additional Hub data into NetSuite provided by a 3rd party that partners with us to provide a complete identity management solution.

The primary Jitterbit connection in this case is utilized to continuously pull new and updated records from the backend database of our commercial solution and update that information into our Cloud ERP solution via Web Service Call operations.  Today we are real time synchronizing over 500K customer accounts and almost 2 million subscriptions on a near real time basis between our back office and hosted solutions.

From a business perspective, how has Jitterbit helped you?

Jitterbit allowed us to effectively and efficiently connect disparate data sources to streamline our business processes including customer and subscription management, order fulfillment, planning, and others.  As a growing company with a growing customer base, Jitterbit helped us position ourselves to accommodate current and future business needs beyond just a static integration between two systems.  It provided us with a platform to integrate any system in a way suitable specifically to our business.

I think my biggest thrill about the Jitterbit platform is the fact that so far there has been nothing I could not handle with it.  It is extremely extensible with plugins readily available to do the job.  It is very intuitive and easy to use for simple integration jobs, yet has the capability to handle very complex business requirements via powerful scripting interface.  Today, when we discuss any new integration requirements not easily (or at all) handled by source systems, we always come back to Jitterbit, – we have an app for that!

Thanks Alexander!

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