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Deliver a Better Digital Experience with Salesforce Data Integration

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By Michael LemMon, Director, Channels & Alliances

Streamline workflows, speed processes, and gain 360-degree views with Salesforce data integration

The pandemic uprooted daily norms over the past two years, pushing work, social life, and business online like never before. Industry leaders responded by moving quickly to provide exceptional digital experiences for customers, employees, and partners — and raising the bar for digital service delivery in the process.

In-person activities may slowly be becoming more accessible, but research indicates that a greater overall reliance on digital transactions is here to stay. And now that users know what’s possible online, they have higher expectations for digital service.

Creating and delivering the personalized experience today’s users demand begins with effective data integration across operations and business functions. By seamlessly integrating Salesforce CRM with other business-critical systems, an organization can create streamlined workflows, speed processes, and establish a 360-degree view of data for highly connected digital service delivery.

Salesforce integrations at work

What do Salesforce data integrations look like in practice?

Key integrations include:

  • Sales and ordering functions. By connecting Salesforce with ERP systems—Epicor, NetSuite, Oracle, or SAP, for example—companies automate, streamline, and accelerate billing, inventory, order fulfillment, and much more.
  • Marketing functions. Integrating Salesforce with marketing applications like Hubspot, MailChimp, and Marketo creates visibility across email, social media, and website interactions with customers.
  • Support functions. Connecting Salesforce with key applications and third-party service providers will provide support representatives with the information they need—including product details, queries, invoices, order status, support tickets, inventory, and warranty information—at their fingertips.
  • Logistics functions. By creating the right connections to Salesforce, businesses streamline their logistics operations from end to end, optimizing workflows to move products and materials more quickly and cost-effectively in the process.
  • Industry-specific functions. Salesforce integrations can easily be tailored for specific use cases within industries. For example, a Salesforce integration for higher education can create streamlined, automated processes to support functions like recruitment, financial aid, admissions, and housing.

iPaaS for Salesforce integrations

Any organization attempting to connect systems through custom coding quickly discovers the limitations of the approach. Lengthy and resource-intensive to create, a custom-coded integration is a single-use implementation—it can’t be replicated. Plus, custom code is prone to breaking easily upon modification.

For rapid, easy, and scalable Salesforce integrations, businesses are increasingly turning to integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solutions. These cloud-based offerings provide pre-built components to help technical and non-technical users alike quickly connect and integrate Salesforce with other key applications and systems.

The Jitterbit iPaaS and our Salesforce expertise

At Jitterbit, we’re proud of our long-standing business relationship with Salesforce. When we were initially developing our technology, we worked with Salesforce product managers to ensure that we were creating solutions designed to meet the specific needs of Salesforce users.

And now, after years spent evolving our platform from a freemium product on Salesforce AppExchange to our current industry-leading iPaaS, we’ve enabled thousands of customers to create effective Salesforce integrations. Our iPaaS offering is designed to:

  • Easily integrate Salesforce with legacy, on-premises, and cloud applications
  • Automate business processes to quickly build a connected customer experience
  • Provide pre-packaged process templates and a best-in-class Salesforce connector
  • Include top-rated technical support to help scale Salesforce data integrations

Learn more about our iPaaS and our expertise in Salesforce data integration.

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