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The Secret to a Customer Success Story

Customer Success Story

By Kunal Mehta, Director, Product Marketing

Jitterbit’s low-code integration platform powers better customer experiences

Today’s businesses accumulate massive amounts of data, but how much of it is informing their interactions with customers and the overall customer experience (CX) they deliver?

Let’s say, for example, that your sales department maintains customer data in a Salesforce CRM application; your marketing team works on an automated campaign platform; your customer service squad relies on specialized support software. Unless these systems are integrated, you may find it difficult to provide your service representatives with timely access to all the customer information they need, attribute sales to specific marketing campaigns, or tap into customer support data to create new offerings.

Simply put, when data is siloed, businesses lack the 360-degree view they require to provide the CX that consumers increasingly demand. A reported 73% of consumers now cite CX as a deciding factor in their purchasing decisions, and 74% say they’re likely to make a purchase based on positive CX alone.

But enhancing CX isn’t just about your customers. When businesses take steps to improve CX by creating a connected experience, employee engagement increases by an average of 20% and customer service teams save up to 33% on costs.

The difference between siloed data in disparate systems and a seamlessly connected environment for CX delivery? An effective integration solution.

How Integration drives customer success transformation

For smart waste and recycling leader Bigbelly, a lack of connectivity across sales, invoicing, and order fulfillment functions limited visibility into business operations, including interactions with customers. By implementing an agile integration layer that connects its business-critical systems—including its NetSuite and Salesforce platforms—the company can now tap into 360-degree views of customer data to deliver a better experience.

LA Metro, Los Angeles County’s transportation planning agency, was struggling to take CX for its Transit Access Pass (TAP) smart card program to the next level—allowing bus and rail passengers to check their accounts and make payments online. By integrating its legacy infrastructure with a high-performance website, the agency enabled 1.5 TAP card users to manage their accounts quickly and easily, from any device.

And Alvaria, a global provider of contact center solutions, needed to connect its enterprise platforms—including Salesforce and Netsuite applications—to extend its own customer service capabilities. Now, with an integration solution that both connects systems and allows the company to incorporate AI for on-the-fly language translation, its service team members answer questions more quickly, improving CX.

The secret to CX Success

In each CX success story, Jitterbit’s low-code integration platform proved pivotal in transforming a company’s IT operations into a highly connected environment for delivering a better customer experience. And at Jitterbit, our own story is no exception. To create integrated business operations that enable 360-degree visibility and high-touch CX, we rely on our own technology.

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