Farmax’s Ecommerce Store Grows with Jitterbit’s Wevo iPaaS

June 18, 2021

Intense digitalization has allowed for the appearance of new business models. Among them, the possibility for industries to approach — and sell to — final customers directly through the internet. That was the idea behind the creation of the website Beleza Todo Dia, Farmax’s ecommerce store, which was supported by Jitterbit from its inception.

The manufacturer of cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and personal hygiene products decided to venture into the world of digital channels fairly recently. Their virtual store came about in 2019. Within two years, this channel has made their entire line of products available for online purchase — over 300 items — by customers in all of Brazil.

“One of Jitterbit’s pillars is to support the digital transformation strategy of our customers, especially industries. It’s a sector that naturally struggles more with digital channels and needs extra support to be able to keep up with the new demands that arise,” said Diogo Lupinari, VP of LATAM Region.

Our integration solutions have been present in Farmax’s ecommerce since the beginning of the project. We stand out both because of the quality of the connections, integrating the VTEX ecommerce platform with the SAP management system, as well as because of the support we offer, ensuring quick resolution of doubts and questions.

Unsurprisingly, therefore, over the next few years, there’s a tendency to grow that partnership. The goal is to consolidate the Beleza Todo Dia website in the digital medium even further, widening the channel’s share in the company’s profits and overall performance — especially in a scenario of digital acceleration due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

What are the challenges faced by Farmax’s ecommerce store?

Farmax is one of Brazil’s main cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and personal hygiene products. Headquartered in Divinópolis, a city in the state of Minas Gerais, the company is over 40 years old and has a factory of over 56,000 square meters that employs over 850 people.

The brand stands out in traditional retail channels through its partnerships with distributors and resellers. However, the advance of technology over the years has pushed this manufacturer to start a process of digital transformation, releasing Farmax’s ecommerce store in order to make their lines of products available.

In order for the idea to work, it was necessary to integrate VTEX’s ecommerce platform with the SAP management system, which deals with all of the company’s processes. That way, information about prices, stocks and order placement could circulate normally and problems such as selling an item for the wrong price or selling an out-of-stock item could be avoided.

How did Jitterbit’s Wevo iPaaS help with that project?

Our main job was to ensure that the traffic of that data would work perfectly, allowing all transactions to be logged by the systems. We currently have 22 active flows between the manufacturer’s software, ensuring the connection between the ecommerce and the management system.

Besides, the success of Farmax’s ecommerce store has caused the process of internal purchases (conducted by the employees) to become more seamless.

“For us, today it would be impossible to do these integrations manually. With Jitterbit, we have gained in terms of cost, labor, operations, and others,” said Lorena Macedo, Farmax’s Marketing Analyst.

A decade of digitally transforming our clients

Just like Farmax’s ecommerce store has set them on the path toward digital transformation, other Brazilian industries can follow their lead. Having the support of a company that specializes in systems and data integration allows for the tracing of the best possible plan and strategy for digital channels.

We have great experience as an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) as we are the first company in Latin America in that segment. In addition to Brazil, we take part in projects of several different sectors in over ten countries in Latin America, North America, and Europe.

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