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Integration for Education

Shifts in the education industry over the last decade have been groundbreaking, including the way students are recruited, retained and taught.  Moving forward, education no longer needs to be delivered via lecture and tracked in a file cabinet. Today, it’s about bringing education where and when it is needed, as well as finding the right curriculum for the right students.

Customers such as University of Miami, Berklee College of Music, Taylor University, and INTO all use Jitterbit to integrate their systems.

The most common endpoints among our Education customers include:

  • CRM (Salesforce)
  • SIS/ERP (Banner, Oracle/PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, Colleague)
  • Marketing Automation (Marketo)
  • CMS (Joomla)
  • Flat files(XLS, etc.)
  • SQLserver

Historically, a university may not have had a lot of operations-focused technology to connect, however, times have changed.  Like many of today’s advanced technology companies, educational institutions utilize everything they can, such as Salesforce and ERP systems.  While some processes are common and to be expected in any business, some are unique to the education vertical.  Let’s take a look at a few of the common integration-enhanced processes among our customers:

  • Greater automation of student management processes including enrollment and grade postings – Building a workflow around these essential processes frees up administrator’s time for other responsibilities.  Many of our customers started manually running these processes with Jitterbit Data Loader and switched to Jitterbit Harmony for automation functionality.
  • Outbound Marketing – Universities need to market to their audience, just as in other industries.  By integrating their marketing and content management systems with a CRM system of choice, schools can become much more targeted in their recruitment process.
  • Eliminating custom code – always a timesaver, getting rid of custom integration code allows the team can focus on more important things, like improving the educational experience!
  • Eliminating manual data entry – allowing the team to concentrate on core responsibilities instead of data entry enhances employee well-being as well as the quality of their efforts, while also saving time and improving data accuracy.

Effective educators try to make use of all the technology available to them, but with so many excellent tools out there, the process risks becoming cumbersome and confusing.  Imagine having to manually input data from a spreadsheet into Salesforce every time a new student signs up, a class curriculum changes, or while posting end of semester grades.  The inefficiencies due to unlinked applications are endless!

Thanks to modern technology and hard-working educators, IT processes in the education space can be simplified with easy to use integration tools.  Setting up integration for education, including processes like automated marketing, enrollment, tuition, content management & posting of grades has never been easier.  Those institutions applying the latest technologies to their efforts are instantly seeing results by operating more efficiently and educating more students than ever before!

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