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Data Loader Upgrade FAQ, Part 2

The Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader for Salesforce is a fast, easy way for anyone to get data into and out of Salesforce quickly, automatically and with great accuracy. We recently held a Data Loader upgrade webinar to teach users a little more about upgrading the Data Loader to the latest version or taking your integration game to the next level with Jitterbit Harmony.

If you missed the webinar, this FAQ (and its predecessor, Part 1) addresses some of the questions asked during the webinar, and provides resources for upgrading to the latest Cloud Data Loader if you haven’t already. If you have other questions about the Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader that aren’t answered here, check out our Data Loader FAQ at the Data Loader Support Community.

Where can I find more information about upserting into Wave Analytics from Salesforce?

We’ve done a lot of work with Wave Analytics. Jitterbit Harmony has a Wave Analytics API connector built right in. You can check it out with our free 30 day trial.

Do you support HL7 message communication?

Jitterbit has a HIPAA compliant healthcare practice that supports HL7 messaging and deals with secure patient data on a regular basis. Contact our healthcare team for more details about HL7.

With Data Loader, I can only update a Salesforce object using the Salesforce ID. With Harmony, could I use a field like account name instead of the Salesforce ID?

To update a record based on a field other than the Salesforce ID, that field has to be set as an external ID in the Jitterbit Studio as part of the operation wizard (Upsert, Insert, etc.). Any field in Salesforce that you can specify as an external ID can be used as a unique identifier in Jitterbit.

Is there an update on the Microsoft Dynamics marketing connector?

Jitterbit Harmony supports a full suite of Microsoft Dynamics connectors: ERP, GreatPlains, AX, Navision, Microsoft CRM. Basically, Harmony can handle any Microsoft technology running on ODBC or Azure. If the marketing tools you use are part of Microsoft CRM, we support them.

Can the SAP connector be used in the lowest tier of Jitterbit Harmony?

SAP and Oracle are local enterprise endpoints that require certain features of the Harmony platform to deliver consistent mission critical transactions. For this reason, we include the SAP and Oracle EBS connectors only in our Enterprise Edition. This gives you support response within 24 hours, full integration lifecycle management, and unlimited test and development environments.

Do you support integration with Oracle JD Edwards?

We can connect with Oracle JD Edwards and have several customers who have done so successfully, including Odyssey, ACAL, and Balfour Beatty.

Is there anything you can share about competitors that will help me make an educated decision about integration?

When you’re assessing integration, you’ll find that pretty much all of the integration vendors claim that they can connect to anything quickly and easily. So what you need to do is a deeper dive – like a free trial, or a POC – to really understand what it’s like to use the technology and work with the vendor.

During your trial or POC, there are a few specific things we recommend looking for:

Measure the footprint. How much technology does the vendor expect you to put behind your firewall for your specific integration? Many vendors claim to be “cloud,” but if you want to connect to an enterprise application like SAP, you’ll need to download and install an entire Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) or use a massive ETL or data transformation tool. Be sure to identify what “cloud” really means for your integration installation.

Identify who will use the integration platform. If you’re looking for integration to benefit your business, seek out an integration product that’s designed specifically for business analysts or Salesforce administrators. Be aware that solutions designed for enterprise integration developers are often complex and costly. If you want a full enterprise API development and management platform and have a team of 5-15 developers ready to manage it, an enterprise integration solution targeted at developers might be an option. However, we find that most people using cloud apps like Salesforce are looking for a solution that can go live in a month, takes only one person to manage, and doesn’t require a PhD in Computer Science to run –   a solution like Jitterbit.

Look for true hybrid integration. For best performance, look for a single integration platform that can handle cloud, on-premise, data, and API management. Be cautious of separate tools for data integration, process integration, and API management. If all of the tools you need are not on a single platform with a unified design and management experience, it will take you much longer to set up and run successful integrations.

Do I have to upgrade my Data Loader?

Yes. Everyone needs to upgrade Data Loader or Jitterbit Harmony before the end of the year, if you haven’t already done so. For help with this, see our SuccessCentral article on upgrading.

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