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5 Reasons to Outsource Your Integration Management

Integration management

Close the skills gap created by talent shortages and drive down costs with managed integration services 


With a Jitterbit system integration solution in place, your organization can seamlessly connect applications and data sources across your operations, providing you with the speed and agility you need to thrive in the current digital landscape. But today’s IT challenges go well beyond technology itself.  

Companies around the globe are struggling with a severe talent shortage. By 2030, over 85 million jobs may go unfilled because there aren’t enough skilled people to take them. IT skills are in particularly high demand—without additional tech talent, U.S. companies are projected to potentially lose out on $162 billion worth of revenue annually.

To help organizations bridge the gap, Jitterbit offers Managed Integration Services for its implementations. When you choose Managed Integration Services, you put the management and maintenance of your Jitterbit deployment in expert hands. Our specialists proactively monitor your environment, tackle potential issues, and provide ongoing optimization services to ensure top performance.   

Why is engaging managed integration services so critical for your business?    

  1. You’ll always have access to the expertise you need. It isn’t just uniquely difficult to find skilled IT employees in the current climate, it’s difficult to retain them. The Great Resignation has hit the tech industry particularly hard, with high-tech employees leaving their jobs at an even faster rate than healthcare workers. When you engage managed integration services, you’re no longer solely dependent on system integration expertise from staff members that may eventually leave your organization.  
  1. You can spend less. Much less. Studies estimate that a successful managed services deployment can drive down IT costs by 25 to 45 percent. And while slashing costs, managed services can also boost operational efficiency by a whopping 45 to 65 percent. 
  1. You can establish predictable costs. When you outsource integration management, you eliminate the need to hire and train an integration administrator, a process that can be difficult to accurately forecast in terms of timeline and cost. With a Managed Integration Services subscription, you gain immediate access to skilled experts and establish a single, predictable cost for managing your integrations.     
  1. You’ll have more time for high-value projects. Research indicates that the average IT team spends at least 44 percent of its time simply ”keeping the lights on”—that is, performing the routine tasks required to keep operations up and running. By outsourcing your integration management workload, you free up invaluable time for higher-value IT activities.   
  1. You’ll support greater retention of in-house talent. Offloading the integration management and maintenance burden can also mean happier, more productive in-house IT staff. With the overwhelming demands on internal IT teams showing no signs of slowing overall, lightening the system integration workload and allowing team members to tackle more strategic projects can create an environment conducive to greater retention in the long term.


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