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Introducing the Salesforce Migration Service

Today we announced our brand new Salesforce Integration service offering. Data migration is something no one wants to do and even fewer want to talk about. In fact, as we’ve introduced this service the most common first question has been, “Why would you want to get into that?”.

The answer is pretty simple – it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it.

For us, it’s a logical service because we can significantly ease migration pains and speed up the process by combining our experience with the incredibly powerful features in Jitterbit Enterprise.

If you’ve ever tried to migrate a significant volume of data to Salesforce to support Sales, Marketing, and custom development efforts, you know what an excruciating chore it can be using the Data Loader (or other watered-down offerings by some of our not-be-named competitors). The problem is these tools simply don’t add any value to the most time-consuming and important stages of data migration. They only load data.

Salesforce migration is not a linear process and it is hardly ever done just once. Data migration is an iterative process, meaning you will very likely have to run through each step multiple times. As a result, if you don’t have a tool that makes simple work of the entire process (analysis, extraction, transformation, cleansing, loading and testing) then you’re going to rely heavily on IT to develop scripts to manage these steps – causing project time and costs to balloon out of control.

No wonder no wants to talk about data migration.

Once we explain our methodology for Salesforce migration and describe how our software and hands-on consulting solves these issues… people get it.

The great thing about using Jitterbit for your Salesforce migration is that a lot of the time you aren’t going to require a one-off migration. If you aren’t simply replacing another CRM or Service system, you are likely going to migrate your data to Salesforce and set up a bi-directional sync between SFDC and your other systems. With Jitterbit, once you’ve set up your initial migration, it’s easy to “flip the switch” and turn that into an ongoing integration.

Oh, and did I mention that Jitterbit migrates data into Salesforce six times faster than Data Loader? If you’re moving a million records into SFDC you’re going to save weeks – if not months – getting migrated. Good stuff.

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