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Celebrating a Decade of Gartner Magic Quadrant Recognition for Jitterbit


By Jayashree Rajan, Chief Marketing Officer 

What our Visionary status in this year’s Magic Quadrant for integration platform as a service means for our customers

The release of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for iPaaS is always an important day in the Jitterbit calendar. Behind the scenes, a lot of work goes into briefing Gartner’s team of analysts on our growing business, our vision for the industry – and how we’re innovating to better serve customers’ evolving needs. 

But this year hits… well, a bit different. That’s because 2024 marks a decade of Jitterbit’s inclusion in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. 

We’re proud to be named Visionaries in this, our tenth Magic Quadrant, and to improve our position overall – with Gartner recognizing our continued commitment to addressing new customer use cases and our suite of innovative integration and automation solutions. 

Our continued advancement of our integration platform Harmony and broadening our capabilities beyond iPaaS has delivered strong dividends for our 3,000-plus customers around the world. Gartner notes that since last year’s Magic Quadrant, we have continued to expand our integration capabilities to address additional customer use cases, extended our features for automation, and developed solutions to meet the different integration needs of different personas within the customer business. 

This year, we expanded our position in the Magic Quadrant for iPaaS by: 

Receiving high remarks for our AI features and expansive breadth of integration use cases

We were also pleased to see Gartner’s strong recognition of our advanced AI features, ranking us higher-than-average for an area of development we know matters to customers keen to retain their competitive edge in an accelerated world. We’ve infused cutting-edge AI throughout our platform, so our customers can easily use AI and natural language to create and manage new integrations, automate workflows, and develop exciting new applications. 

AI can streamline, strengthen, and scale every business and lead to better, faster automation – but we believe its full value can only be realized if it’s integrated at the iPaaS level. Led by our CTO Manoj Chaudhary, we’re excited about delivering more AI capabilities so our customers can continue to turbocharge their automation journey.

Strengthening our messaging capabilities with the introduction of Jitterbit’s Message Queue Service

While our robust capabilities for application and data integration stand out from the crowd, we’ve gone the extra mile for our customers by offering full EDI integration to support B2B use cases – as highlighted in this year’s Magic Quadrant report. The recent release of our Message Queue Service, which has proved popular with customers, was also spotlighted by Gartner. 

Enhancing user experience with top scores amongst engineers and business technologists

We’re proud to be the only iPaaS vendor in the Magic Quadrant that seamlessly blends integration with low-code application development. Our newly launched Vinyl solution enables organizations to easily create applications, all without the need for coding expertise. The synergy of our low-code offer and core iPaaS Harmony platform ensures that enterprise applications seamlessly integrate with existing systems, unlocking flexibility and efficiency across the whole organization. 

Although IT has traditionally been the power user of iPaaS platforms, the need to connect systems and automate processes is increasingly being driven by business users. Out of necessity, these business teams have taken on more and more of IT’s traditional workload to automate their processes. We’ve focused on providing low-code capabilities to enable this new rapidly-growing cohort of “business technologists” to create integrations with ease and quickly automate their processes. 

Extending our capabilities for industry-specific solutions across manufacturing, retail, education, and more

One way we do this is with an extensive portfolio of packaged integration processes (PIPs), pre-built templates, recipes, and native connectors that allow users to create integrations up to 80% faster. Gartner emphasizes that these pre-built and native tools enhance our ability to support industry-specific and application-specific solutions – another reason why we score well for user experience for software engineers, business technologists, and integration specialists. 

Harnessing our strong understanding of emerging technology to drive innovation

We’re pleased to have the value we deliver to customers, our innovation and roadmap validated by Gartner. But the work doesn’t stop here. 

We’re investing in expanding and reinforcing our product and service offerings based on the changing needs of our customers. We continue to prioritize serving and supporting customers, which is a core value of our company and every member of the Jitterbit team. As always, we actively seek our customers’ feedback and will continue to use these insights to shape our business so we can best help customers automate and adapt in this time of accelerated change. 

Here’s to the next decade of customer-focused innovation, and much more. 

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