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Digital transformation in a traditional market? Emponto shows it’s possible

August 20, 2021

Technological advances are a reality in the business environment. However, there are more than a few entrepreneurs who are reluctant to adopt these solutions because they are inserted in more conservative segments. The main question is: how to embark on the journey of digital transformation in a traditional market?

Wristwatch seller Emponto, one of the most consolidated brands in the city of São Paulo, has shown that this is possible, especially if the company finds the right partner for such an endeavor. Wevo has acted side by side with them to help their digital channel go from a project on a blueprint to a reality in 2020.

“Starting a digitalization journey has more to do with the company’s culture and objectives than with its field. It’s possible to be digital even in a sector which is conservative and resistant to technology,” explained Diogo Lupinari, CEO of Wevo.

For Emponto, their digital transformation in a traditional market has helped to widen the company’s sales channels, especially after the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in March of 2020. With it, they moved their whole operation in Brazil to e-commerce while the physical outlets remained closed.

After little more than a year of working with e-commerce, the partnership with Wevo is yielding excellent results already. So much so that in the future, the goal is to widen the presence of our integration platform even further to include other services like post-sales.

What are Emponto’s challenges?

With a father-to-son love, Emponto’s trajectory spans over 50 years in the field of wristwatches, working with the main brands and having technical assistance as a differential. Nowadays, in addition to the Metrô Tatuapé Shopping Mall, there are three other stores located in malls throughout the city of São Paulo: Aricanduva, Ibirapuera and Center Norte.

In 2015, they decided to begin their journey of digital transformation in a traditional market. The first step was acquiring an ERP solution to digitize all their processes. Up until then, most of their records were still made manually, on paper, repeating the same routine that had accompanied the company from its birth.

Having done that, the company decided to include the creation of e-commerce in their digitalization process. But a problem arose: the ERP system they had hired couldn’t integrate with their chosen e-commerce platform. Without that service, the virtual store simply could not exist.

What role did Wevo play in that transformation in a traditional market?

Emponto needed to go to the market in search of an integration platform that could accomplish the task of connecting those two systems. Their focus was on finding a company that offered the best price but also good customer service and support for the professionals that weren’t particularly tech-savvy.

After a lot of research, they chose Wevo to support their digital transformation in a traditional market. Our platform successfully registered the more than two thousand SKUs in their portfolio, besides connecting their ERP to their e-commerce platform and ensuring the separation of the company’s systems in different projects.

“I can’t even measure the importance of Wevo in our digital operation. Without the integration, it wouldn’t have worked, it couldn’t have,” said Mario Nakaya of Emponto.

We are digitalization experts!

Digital transformation in a traditional market really is a challenge, but with planning, dedication, and good partnerships it is possible to bring together different brands and their consumers, widening the possibilities of sales and relationships. You just need to find the best solutions to do so.

We, at Wevo, have almost a decade of experience as an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) and we are the first company in Latin America in that segment. In addition to Brazil, we take part in projects of several different sectors in over ten countries in Latin America, North America, and Europe.

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