General Success with Jitterbit Harmony

“Jitterbit is one of those systems where my first reaction was where have you been all this time?”
– Hanns-Christian Hanebeck, Founder & CEO


Truckl is a startup supply chain software company based in Dallas, Texas. The company’s innovative technology leverages blockchain to free freight movements from costly errors, exceptions, and miscommunication. Its mobile application for trucking enables operational improvements, fosters carrier compliance, ensures collaboration throughout the supply chain, and financially motivates all parties to do their best for every load.


The transportation industry is extremely fragmented. There are few standards whatsoever and even fewer common practices. Transportation is not fundamentally any different from what it has been for four and a half thousand years. The flaw in the way supply chains have worked since biblical times is that every party in a transaction has partial data. By Truckl’s metrics, 1 in 3 truckloads is flawed in some way. The shipment is late, or it never arrives. The order is partially shipped, or the wrong parts are sent. Nobody in the chain has all the data. In total, data gaps in the supply chain cost the world economy as much as $3 trillion. Mobile phone technology has the potential to correct this ancient flaw.

“Our two companies can provide a lot of value through the combination of our products.”
– Hanns-Christian Hanebeck, Founder & CEO


Jitterbit Harmony. A full-featured cloud integration platform that brings together data, apps, and devices with and without coding. Using Harmony, startups like Truckl can quickly and easily integrate various applications, business processes, and data views into their products. Truckl leverages Jitterbit Harmony to interface into the shipping systems of receivers, shippers, third-party logistics companies, brokers, dispatchers, and truckers. Any time Truckl needs to take or send transactions to existing transportation management systems (TMS), the company turns to Harmony. Jitterbit Harmony makes it easy to integrate customer systems so Truckl can focus on what it does best.

How the TrucklMobile App Works

Let’s say you have a manufacturer or a chemical company that ships several hundred transports per day. They are sure to have at the heart of their IT infrastructure SAP, NetSuite, EPICOR, or some other ERP system. Using SAP as an example, Truckl takes the shipping order out of SAP using Jitterbit Harmony. The data is then brought into the TrucklMobile app. The app determines which documents can be automatically generated – for example, a bill of lading. It then attaches this documentation to the transaction. The transaction is then forwarded to a third-party logistics company or other operator. The operator can add additional documentation – for example, special handling instructions or standard operating procedures. The operator also attaches these new documents to the transaction and then forwards them by e-mail or mobile phone. The shipper can invite a broker who invites a dispatcher to invite a driver. All the parties registered in Truckl can see the transactions on the same dashboard. The order first pushed out of the ERP now flows seamlessly from link to link and has been enriched with every exchange. The driver sees all the documents and all the data on a mobile device and then goes out and drives the load, completes the transaction and collects the payment.

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