Human Resource Management Automation

Remove data silos between employee and candidate management platforms. Build an integrated view of your workforce. Eliminate monotonous and redundant processes with automated workflows. Increase productivity and morale.

Connect Your HR Applications - HR operations team working to automate processes

Connect your HR Applications

Get a complete picture of your human resource management workflows by integrating data and automating processes across your business. From applicant tracking to onboarding and offboarding, and learning management to compensation and benefits, we’ve got you covered with pre-built connectors to quickly integrate your favorite HR apps, such as Workday, Coupa, Infor, ADP, and BMC.

Why Jitterbit

Simplify, Automate and Accelerate HR Management

For an organization to thrive, data-driven human resource management-decisions are imperative. To make good decisions, you need information flowing freely among all related applications with minimal manual data entry. Automation helps HR teams build a stronger base of candidates, simplifies hiring decisions, accelerates employee onboarding, and helps manage their needs during their entire period of employment, so you can focus on other priorities. With years of experience building HR-related integrations, Jitterbit has the expertise to provide you with solutions that enable your employees to be productive and satisfied.

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Simplified Onboarding and Offboarding

Synchronize new employee data with payroll, expense management and other key systems to accelerate productivity.


Better Asset Procurement for New Hires

Ensure critical assets such as computers, access cards, and communications devices are distributed to employees faster to increase efficiency.

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Faster Training

Connect learning management data with performance and compensation management to increase on-the-job proficiency.


Accelerated Travel and Expense Management

Ensure expense data is synchronized with HRM systems to ensure high reimbursement speed and accuracy.

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"I love Jitterbit because it's fun and very easy. It's just one product and it allows you to do EVERYTHING!"

Cynthia Drake | CTO at Complete EDI Solutions
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HR Management process automation is one piece of the puzzle.

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