Less Manual Work,
More Team Morale

Don’t let disconnected applications and redundant processes stand in the way of building a 5-star employee experience.

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Empower HR Teams to Perform Their Best

Help your human resources specialists be the people-people they are. Say goodbye to data silos and tedious, manual work by connecting your workforce management applications and usher in a new era of productivity and employee success…and watch morale soar!


Accelerate Hiring

Fill the candidate pipeline connecting disparate systems for smarter, faster decision-making.

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Onboard Effortlessly

Sync employee data with payroll and asset procurement to get new employees productive fast.


Simplify T&E

Sync expenses with HRM systems to ensure quick and accurate reimbursement.

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Automate the Admin

Streamline logistical requests so employees can stay focused on adding business value.


Amplify Skillsets

Connect data from learning apps with performance evaluation to increase on-the-job proficiency.


Keep People Data Safe

Sync data across SaaS and on-premises to create a secure, centralized single source of truth.

Customer Stories

Tried and Tested by Customers Around the Globe

“Our need was a solution that would bring all integrations, programming languages and skill sets on one common platform, so that in case of employee turnover on the IT side, we would not have limitations in support. And Jitterbit proved to be that solution for us.”

– Kevin Isom, Senior Development Manager, Gilbarco

Automating: Onboarding/Offboarding

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“…we’ve integrated more than a dozen campaigns, some that were simple, some that were complex, and we’re very, very pleased with the Jitterbit products that we have. There’s been almost virtually no down time. It’s a reliable platform with great support at a good price.”

– Tony Johnson, Chief Information Officer, Smart Circle International

Automating: Employee Expenses

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Why Jitterbit

Reimagine Your HR Processes, Reimagine How Work Flows

Create an employee experience that your team raves about with Jitterbit’s toolkit of HR system connectors and pre-built integration templates. Connect all your workforce touchpoints across SaaS, on-premises, and other data sources to automate manual processes, drive innovation, and enable employee efficiency and productivity.

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User Testimonial

“Onboarding with Jitterbit has been the easiest and most seamless process that I have ever been through. I got an email, I clicked on a link, and I was up and running. I had all of the applications I needed, right at my fingertips. It was such a pleasure and made onboarding so much easier.”

Elana Anderson, CMO Advisor, NxtERA Marketing
Elana Anderson

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