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Leverage the Power of APIs for Connected Manufacturing

Leverage the Power of APIs for Connected Manufacturing

Industry 4.0: Connecting People, Processes, and Data

Leverage the Power of APIs for Connected ManufacturingA new era of connectivity for manufacturers is dawning. Coming along with this new era is the promise of smarter supply chains, more efficient production, and faster innovation. Sadly, traditional integration methods can’t keep pace with the speed and scale of Industry 4.0. How does an IT worker stay ahead of the curve and move ahead in his or her career?

Download our new eBook, The Power of APIs for Connected Manufacturing, to find the answer. The eBook describes a path forward where APIs allows systems to communicate with each other through a documented interface and offers a new way to build applications. API’s allow manufacturers to compose cutting edge apps that cross a complex landscape of systems, applications, and data sources – on-premise and in the cloud. And tie together AI, blockchain, IoT, and robotics.

Become a master of API’s to enable you and your company to compete in this new era. Understand why:

  • Data should reside where it was meant to reside
  • Leave the data in place and only access what you need when you need it
  • Leverage existing IT assets

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