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Automate Purchasing Workflows

Bring speed, efficiency, and transparency to historically manual, cumbersome operational and inventory management-related processes by automating your purchasing workflows.

IT Service Management

Streamline and Automate Your Purchasing Process

Purchase requests come from numerous different departments within a typical organization. Despite their popularity, however, the process is usually a cumbersome, manual one with multiple forms to fill, approvals to gain, and little visibility where they stand in the process.

Jitterbit helps connect and automate the purchasing workflow, resulting in faster approvals for critical services and equipment employees need to get their jobs done right. This helps take the burden off of both IT managers and key departments such as business operations, inventory and manufacturing, and customer service which increases productivity and morale.

Flow Purchase Requests

Easily create and track purchase requests. Gain complete visibility into the status of requests and receive real-time updates whenever changes occur.


Expedite Approvals

Automate purchasing processes to provide approvals anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Wire with Endpoint

Connect Requisitions to RFQ

Convert your purchase requisitions to a new request for proposal (RFQ) in an instant.

Dev Note

Customize your Apps

Make personalized changes to procurement apps without coding experience.

Find Person

Increase Visibility

Automated purchasing workflows provide in-depth spend insights from visual reports and interactive dashboards.


Customize Data Fields

Create custom fields to track additional information about your purchase requests, such as approvals status, order data or other critical vendor information.


Automate Routing

Move requests through the chain of hierarchy without any manual intervention.


Hear what our customers are saying

“Everything is all connected with Jitterbit including our ecommerce selling channels, helping us to better manage inventory and sales. We are very happy with the outcome – it works perfectly – and we know we can always add solutions in the future which is great.”

Romain Bénichou, CEO, Red Luxury

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