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Britânia Integrates Ecommerce and SAC with Jitterbit

June 11, 2021

Selling directly to people has become an interesting option for industries in the last couple of years. The consolidation of digital solutions and of the D2C (direct-to-consumer) concept, has been luring manufacturers to that model. But, in order for results to be effective, it’s necessary that all the technology used in the operation is integrated.

That is illustrated by Britânia, a reference in the segment of portable home appliances, and their digital presence. They use Jitterbit, a specialist in systems and data integration, in order to connect different solutions and reduce possible flaws that may impact the consumer’s purchase experience.

Jitterbit’s Wevo iPaaS solution is present in two distinct environments: the ecommerce platform and the customer service solution. Our partnership, which began in June of 2019, has over 30 flows and deals with a daily average of 5,000 orders in their official virtual store alone.

“With Jitterbit, we caught sight of an opportunity to see our processes beyond the dashboard, identifying details and being able to map points of improvement,” said Cristiano Lopes, IT Systems Expery at Britânia.

Jitterbit’s presence in the ecommerce platform ensures that all information about the orders gets to the transporters, reducing delay complaints. In the customer service system, the goal is to improve the relationship with the users, especially in the post-sale period, and to obtain new insights to help the marketing strategy.

Our integration solution solved a chronic problem that Britânia’s digital operation used to have. Previously, their own IT team had to develop internal applications to connect their systems. However, any alterations would make the service unavailable and, consequently, jeopardize navigation in the site.

“One of our missions was to optimize that integration process, allowing our customers to have a competitive edge without having to worry about the stability of their connections. They are free to think about their own business,” said Diogo Lupinari, VP of LATAM Region.

Founded in 1956 in the city of Curitiba, the capital of Paraná state, Britânia is one of the leading brands in the segment of portable appliances in Brazil. Since 2007, they own the Philco brand in the country, and, currently, most homes in the country have at least one of their products, either a kitchen appliance, an HVAC product, or a multimedia player, among others.

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