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ACAL BFi CX 360 with Data Integration

ACAL BFi drives more value from JD Edwards and NetSuite with improved integrations by Jitterbit


ACAL BFi is a pan-European technical distributor with specialist skills and in-house services which allow OEMs to minimize time-to-market during concept development, prototyping and manufacturing. Specialist teams help OEMs to create new revenue streams by using emerging technologies in a number of key vertical sectors: wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) networking, defense and aerospace, medical, industrial, telecommunications, and security.

“Our previous integration tools were very slow and needed constant monitoring. In contrast, Jitterbit provided us with a standard platform on which to build our integration projects, allowing us to quickly and cost-effectively synchronize data between our ERP and CRM applications. I have been able to configure and manage Jitterbit by myself, while giving the rest of the company an up-to-date view of all our pertinent data within the application they use on a daily basis.”
– Keith Lovern, Technical Operations

Why Jitterbit?

ACAL BFi needed to replace its unreliable coding-based integration with a standard platform to reduce the costs and resources required to provide a single view of the company’s ERP and CRM data.


  • Automate synchronization of customer and billing data between JD Edwards and NetSuite
  • Replicate ERP and CRM to a local data warehouse to provide rapid lookups
  • Manual processes too expensive, time consuming and difficult to scale


  • Created seamless integration between NetSuite CRM, JD Edwards, and local mySQL database
  • Rapidly syncs over 200,000 customer, booking, billing and item records


Integration is key to reliably and efficiently allowing ACAL BFi to see a 360-degree view of their customers and inventory, whether their users are working out of their JD Edwards ERP or NetSuite CRM applications. ACAL BFi had previously used a coding-based application to integrate its ERP and CRM data, but this solution was proving unreliable, required too many technical resources, and was proving to be unmanageable as the company looked to scale.

ACAL BFi turned to Jitterbit to provide an easy to use, rapid to deploy integration platform on which to standardize their data synchronization. Today, Jitterbit synchronizes hundreds of thousands of customer, item, booking, and billing data between JD Edwards and NetSuite providing a complete view of their customers and inventory. In addition, Jitterbit is used to replicate data from both systems into a local database that provides rapid look-up capabilities. In the future, ACAL Bfi has plans to expand its use of Jitterbit to integrate its marketing system and customer facing web portal.

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