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  • Mechanical Engineering



  • Saves 20+ hours a month in manual work
  • Transfers data ownership from IT users to business users
  • Improves transparency for project stakeholders

Use Case

  • Built app to automate data validation, cleansing, and integration

Why Jitterbit?

“With Nymbl and Jitterbit, it was possible to quickly implement our use case and add value to the business.”

Georgios Valavanis, Functional BI Architect, Zeppelin

Application Building | Vinyl | LCAP

Zeppelin Saves More Than 20 Hours a Month with Automated Data Management

Teaming up with Jitterbit and Nymbl, Zeppelin builds a custom application to automate data validation processes and enhance collaboration between IT and LOB.


Manual data management processes were causing delays and process bottlenecks

Zeppelin, headquartered in Germany, is a global leader in the mechanical engineering industry with more than 10,000 employees worldwide. The company was struggling with inefficient data management processes due to the use of a wide variety of data systems and sources across the organization.

Their Business Intelligence (BI) department was burdened with manually validating and communicating errors in flat files (like spreadsheets and CSVs) provided by other lines of business (LOB), resulting in extra work and delays in their data upload process.


Low-code application building automates and accelerates data management processes

Coupled with enablement support from global partner, Nymbl, Jitterbit’s low-code application platform gave Zeppelin’s BI department the intuitive, low-code solution they needed to build and launch a data validation application within 30 days. With the application, LOB users across the organization can select the data source they want to upload and stage it for review.

The system then automatically validates the data to ensure it is accurately formatted and has the required details for the BI team. Once the data is validated and confirmed, the user can push the data through to the BI database.


Faster workflows, improved data accuracy, and less stress on Zeppelin’s IT units

With this custom application in place, Zeppelin has automated critical data management processes, improved data quality across the organization, and enhanced collaboration between IT and LOB users. Additionally, the solution eliminated back-and-forth communication between IT and LOB users, storing all information about data validation or management projects in one central source of truth, which has resulted in faster processes and greater transparency for project stakeholders.

Other benefits include:

  • Automated data validation, cleansing, and integration workflows
  • Transferred ownership from IT users to business users
  • Saved 20 hours of manual work per month (…with just the first use case)

“The whole concept of Vinyl is intuitive to understand and the possibilities are endless.”

– Georgios Valavanis, Functional BI Architect at Zeppelin

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