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Wave Utilities

Wave Utilities

“Jitterbit has made a massive difference to us. It has helped us automate everything we do.”
– Kellie Jackson, Salesforce Admin/Developer/Manager


Wave Utilities looks after the water, wastewater, gas, and electricity needs of over 300,000 businesses across the UK. Created as a joint venture between Anglian Water Business and Northumbrian Water Group, Wave brings together two established companies with the single goal of delivering world-class value and service sustainably.


In 2008 the commercial water market was privatized in Scotland. Anglian Water Services Ltd, a private limited company in the east of Britain successfully entered the Scottish market. In 2017 the English Market was privatized. To take advantage of this opportunity, Anglian Water Services joined Northumbrian Water Group to form the new company. Initially Wave had two of everything. Two billing systems, two customer relationship management systems (CRM), two service systems. For the joint venture to be successful, Wave needed to reduce the number of systems to a manageable number and eliminate manual data loads. Wave was experiencing death by Excel. Data extracted from the billing system had to be distributed between 10 different spreadsheets, each of which required complicated formulas. This process was cumbersome, not timely, and impacted Wave’s commitment to world-class service.


  • Duplicate Systems
  • Fragmented Views of the Customers
  • Rekeying Data Prone to Error
  • Bad data


  • Fewer Systems to Maintain
  • Single View of the Customer
  • Less Manual Entry
  • Better Quality Data

“Once we started to see how useful Jitterbit really is, we found a lot of other uses for it. We are working out more ways we can use it all the time.”


Wave was able to eliminate manually downloading and uploading data by performing the ETL process nightly from Rapid to Salesforce. Wave was then able to use Jitterbit for the one-time migration of contact details from Anglian Water Services to Salesforce as well as the one-time migration of customer bills from a proprietary eBilling system to Salesforce. The joint venture was a success!


Jitterbit Harmony. A full-featured cloud integration platform that brings together data, apps, and devices with low or no coding. Using Harmony, organizations like Wave Utilities can quickly and easily orchestrate, automate, and integrate various applications, business processes, and data views. Jitterbit Harmony makes it easy to integrate your systems so you can focus on what you do best.


Since meeting the initial challenge, Wave has moved on to use Jitterbit in many more projects – nine at last count. Wave used Jitterbit to develop an API to retrieve bill PDF’s from the Salesforce customer portal. Wave has also tied Temetra (their consumption management system), with RapidXtra (their billing system) and with Salesforce. Salesforce was also integrated with Parseq, a mail fulfillment system. Wave used Jitterbit to email customer bill reminders, debt recovery letters, and water alert notifications. It used Jitterbit to migrate contact and case data from Salesforce to Velocity, the utility billing and customer engagement system, and to Watermelon, a chatbot service. Wave has also connected Salesforce to its own account web portal.

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