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Enterprise Experts Shine a Light on Integration and Automation at Jitterbit’s EMEA Meetup

Press Release - London Meetup
  • London MeetUp included presentations from industry leaders Neil Ward-Dutton of IDC Europe, Kerry Sheehan from the UK Civil Service, Sameer D’Mello, Senior Technology Strategy Advisor at EY and Manoj Chaudhary, CTO and SVP of Engineering, Jitterbit

  • Panel of thought leaders from the UK Civil Service, Banking, Consulting and Integration separated the hype from the real gains being made in AI and automation

London, 5 July 2023 – AI and automation were top of the agenda for Jitterbit’s annual EMEA MeetUp entitled ‘Integrate to Innovate: What Businesses Need to Know in the Age of Automation’. The global integration company gathered together leading SaaS executives and technologists from across Europe on 21 June for a one-day event in London to discuss the current state of enterprise automation with leading experts and panellists from the US and EMEA.

According to the experts, automation will continue to be discussed in boardrooms in 2024 and beyond. Despite the belief that enterprises will still be battling with automating manual processes a year from now, there was a consensus that the demand for AI and the speed of acceleration will only continue, creating further demand for robust integration between systems.

Among the speakers was AI and automation expert Neil Ward-Dutton from IDC Europe, who stressed the importance of businesses being intentional and thinking about higher-order business values when embracing AI and automation as a strategy.

“Everybody I speak to at the moment wants to talk about generative AI. I always encourage people to think about what value they want to try and deliver with this. How will they move the needle in the way that work gets done? When you digitize processes and decision-making, you’re creating open spaces where you can dig in and see where there is room to improve. You’re creating closed loops of digital insight and action. It’s not just about automating work or connecting systems, or even automating how information flows – it’s about creating transparency and insight,” said Ward-Dutton.

Watch Neil’s full presentation here:

Listen to Neil’s podcast from the Jitterbit event on Enterprise Times here:

Neil also joined a panel on ‘The Current State of Enterprise Automation’ alongside Kerry Sheehan, Head of Service Development and Innovation, UK Civil Service; Sameer D’Mello, Senior Technology Strategy Advisor at EY and former Global Head of Digital Innovation at HSBC; Joost de Bot, Vice President & General Manager EMEA, Jitterbit and moderated by Tamara Sword, Founder & MD at ThoughtLDR.

The panelists discussed the opportunities and challenges enterprises face, the pitfalls of over-zealous standardization and the importance of retaining the ability of business technologists outside the IT department to add nuance when automating their processes using low-code apps.

Sameer D’Mello, Senior Technology Strategy Advisor at EY, elaborated on the challenge of standardization when operating in a cross-border enterprise with stakeholders and employees in different countries across the globe. Recalling his experiences as Global Head of Digital Innovation at HSBC, D’Mello said:

“How do you get each country to commit to a seismic change? We found that automation was a bigger challenge on the non-tech side than on the tech side. You need a top-down approach, a strong tone of voice and consistency – once this is in place, you can move from there.”

Watch the panel playback here:

The afternoon included a presentation by Manoj Chaudhary, CTO and SVP Engineering at Jitterbit, on ‘Jitterbit engineering in the age of AI and automation’. Manoj previewed the release of Jitterbit’s new integrated low-code solution Vinyl and set out Jitterbit’s vision of enabling customers’ seamless journey toward hyperautomation. Manoj’s presentation was followed by Keith Rigg, VP Pre-sales and Technology at Jitterbit, who gave the audience a step-by-step walkthrough on ‘Building a Reference Architecture for Success.

The second panel discussion followed these, this time on ‘The Practical Application of Automation’, where Manoj Chaudhary joined moderator Keith Rigg, Nik Smits, Managing Partner, Integr; Aaron Perrot, Chief Technology Officer, KTSL and Andrew Sharp, IT Director at Apply Digital.

Watch the panel on demand here:

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