Integration Platforms: A Calling for your Contact Center

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By Adam Saad, Tech Stack Advising, Founder and CEO [Guest Blog]

Integration Platform as a Service Improves Contact Center Experiences

Integration platforms are taking the market by storm, and for good reason. According to a Dun & Bradstreet/Forrester Consulting report, “the greatest challenge organizations face in meeting their marketing and sales objectives is managing data and sharing insights that drive actions across organizational silos.” To bridge these silos, more than a quarter of business leaders are now demanding a company-wide API strategy.

To integrate data and deliver personalized and automated experiences, IT leaders should adopt an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). iPaaS solutions combine integration technologies and deliver them in a suite of cloud services.

Automated experiences are properly delivered when data is integrated between all relevant business applications across sales, customer service, marketing, and other departments. And yes, this includes accessing the data stuck in legacy, on-premise systems.

According to Gartner’s Hyperautomation Survey, 11% of business technologists indicated that enterprise integration platforms are one of the three most-used tools to support business-driven automation initiatives.

Here are some use-cases for automation and personalized experiences in the Contact Center:

Incident Management

When businesses integrate their CRM with their Ticketing System, they can reduce the time it takes to resolve critical incidents internally and externally. An iPaaS will usually deliver a packaged solution to connect and synchronize data and processes quickly and easily between systems. These pre-built integrations accelerate deployment time by 50-80%.

Proactive Notifications and Digital Outreach

Proactive notifications automate real-time outreach to customers via phone, SMS, email, or social channels when events occur in the contact center or other business systems. Businesses can now deliver personalized experiences to customers by proactively notifying them of reminders, alerts, and updates.

Digital Outreach is an extension of outbound campaigns by providing automated text-based outreach via SMS, social, and email. These automated deliveries can be based on the outcomes of calling attempts.Both Proactive Notifications and Digital Outreach can be accomplished when data is integrated between the system of record and the Contact Center infrastructure.

Social Engagement

Monitor social networking sites, like Twitter, for company mentions to automate follow-up and customer service inquiries. When brands react intelligently and engage customers quickly, it drives a positive business outcome.

Operational Intelligence Reporting and Dashboards:

The Customer Experience story is not created or told using metrics from the contact center alone. To get a 360-degree view of customer metrics, brands need to create custom KPIs using data from their Contact Center Infrastructure and other business systems (like survey tools, their system of record, or other legacy applications).

Consumers have higher expectations across sales, customer service, and marketing than ever before. It’s now a requirement for brands to integrate their data across multiple business systems to drive personalized and automated experiences.

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