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iPaaS: The Key to Hyperautomation

Key to Hyperautomation

More businesses are investing in Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solutions to expedite and optimize hyperautomation efforts

By Manoj Chaudhary, Chief Technology Officer

  • Full-scale process automation is no longer just a trend on the horizon—the era of hyperautomation has arrived.
  • Whether they’re launching CEO-driven strategic initiatives or starting with smaller tactical efforts, companies are looking to hyperautomation to operate more efficiently and drive digital transformation.
  • To enable hyperautomation, businesses first have to integrate the complex and ever-growing mix of platforms and systems they rely on to deliver their services.
  • Now, with integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solutions, companies can quickly connect thousands of applications instead of custom-coding each integration.
  • Plus, low-code iPaaS offerings make it easy for non-technical employees to build integrations, alleviating the burden on overwhelmed IT teams.

What is hyperautomation?

Gartner introduced the term “hyperautomation” in 2019 to describe the growing tendency among competitive enterprises to automate as many business and IT processes as possible. Today, it’s no longer a trend on the rise—the era of hyperautomation is here.

Before the spring of 2020, companies were already investing in a widespread digitization of business processes and transactions. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, organizations had to greatly accelerate the shift to digital operations, conducting more business online than ever before and enabling work-from-home productivity for remote employees.

As a result, IT teams now have a massive volume of data, processes, and applications to manage, and they’re under enormous pressure to do so. Increasingly, they’re investing in hyperautomation efforts to phase out manual workflows, operate more efficiently, and drive down costs.

How are businesses approaching hyperautomation?

According to Gartner, most organizations are approaching hyperautomation in one of three ways:

  • Big bang: A strategic redesign of processes led by a CEO and involving significant cultural change, new IT investments, and a focus on better business outcomes.
  • Big bang plus speed to value: A strategic CEO-led redesign of processes that also includes a series of rapid, smaller-scale projects.
  • Small individual team solving a single project: A tactical effort undertaken as a short-term initiative.

While the third approach is the most common, Gartner notes that for any company launching an initiative, carefully considering hyperautomation tools and technology is critical during an early phase of the effort.

What is integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)?

iPaaS is a cloud-based solution that integrates disparate data sources, applications, and systems to simplify integration efforts and establish communication between various systems within an organization and with third parties or partners.

To put it simply, iPaaS is a platform for building, deploying, and managing integrations in the cloud. With an iPaaS, businesses can create integration flows that connect applications living in the cloud or on-premises and deploy them without the need to install or manage any hardware or middleware.

What role do iPaaS offerings play in hyperautomation?

Integration sits at the core of hyperautomation. To automate processes across operations, companies must first integrate the multitude of platforms and systems they rely on to deliver their products and services.

In the past, IT groups custom-coded these connections. Today, building custom integrations across complex, ever-expanding IT environments requires time and resources that most IT operations don’t have.

Plus, low-code iPaaS solutions are designed to empower a wide range of users—not just IT staff. Intuitive functionality and pre-built workflows make it easy for business technologists to build integrations, freeing IT teams for other projects.

How can you put iPaaS to work for your business?

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