What a Best-of-breed Approach to Apps Means for Business

Best-of-breed approach to apps

We live in a best-of-breed world. We don’t even standardize our personal music, calendar or email apps anymore.

For businesses, this world affords the opportunity to choose the best apps, systems and tools, which is pretty great, but managing and realizing real value from these tools can be complicated and time-consuming.

Connectivity is Key

In short, the best-of-breed approach that most modern businesses are taking means that having a connectivity strategy is now more crucial than ever. Success is less about which apps or systems you use, because there are so many good ones out there that will serve every unique need. Success is now more about how you integrate your investments.

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Agile Integration vs. Traditional Integration

Traditional integration approaches, including legacy ESBs, point solutions and custom code, were used long before the emergence of cloud, mobile, social and big data architectures. These approaches are complex, expensive and rely heavily on developers with deep technical understanding. Bottlenecks are created. Sales slow. Nobody is happy.

The need for an agile integration approach is clear when you consider the breadth of architectures and speed at which new technologies are being adopted, as seen in the results of the 2016 State of Salesforce Connectivity survey.

All of the organizations surveyed run cloud apps along with some type of back-office system for accounting, and more than half have on-premise ERP deployed behind the firewall.

While running Salesforce Sales, Service and Marketing apps in the cloud, a majority of organizations surveyed continue to invest in on-premise databases and continue to run hybrid IT infrastructures.

Connectivity through a modern integration platform accounts for all digital endpoints from web services to API gateways, both behind and outside the firewall.

Living in this best-of-breed world where cloud and on-prem solutions collide means that an agile integration approach will be one of the biggest contributors to business success in the next five years. 

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