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INTO specializes in building deeply embedded partnerships that enable universities to achieve their internationalization ambitions.


Difficult to integrate many disparate data feeds from partners using legacy system


INTO has made 452,136 transactions through Jitterbit since adoption, transactions that impact students directly such as course fees, airport transfers, and living arrangements

INTO’s customers receive faster, more robust data due to seamless connections with data sources from many partners

Cloud hosting allows INTO employees to collaborate in real time with developers to solve challenges at speed, saving man-hours

Customer Success

INTO University Partnerships iPaaS Excellence

INTO University Partnerships is a higher education company that aspires to connect young people with top tier universities across the globe. INTO partners with universities in the UK, US and China to attract students onto degree courses, and offers a premium tier learning experience, including language courses designed to complement a student’s chosen field.

Having been established for 10 years, INTO needed to manage many disparate sources of data from its partners. They had several legacy systems in place, but wanted an integration solution with modern standards that would be able to manage more data feeds seamlessly. Craig Harris, Business Infrastructure Manager at INTO led a six-month competitor comparison period, and was impressed with Jitterbit’s Harmony platform due to its ease of implementation, its ability to host in the cloud rather than requiring infrastructure investment and its cost-effectiveness.

Thanks to proof of concepts that the Jitterbit team had already created, onboarding time was far shorter than Harris anticipated: “I would describe my estimates at the time at six to nine months…we managed to get the first phase of the project up and running within a month and a half. It was much quicker than we assumed.” INTO was able to easily manage much of the onboarding in-house, with full support from the Jitterbit team when required.

The success of the project has meant that according to Harris, INTO is now “able to connect to more modern feeds from a greater variety of sources than we were before…our university partners get more timely data in a more robust format.”

An additional benefit is that the Harmony platform has automated a lot of processes that were previously manual, such as monitoring, logging and success tracking. Internally, INTO employees and developers can collaborate more easily because these processes are in the cloud, saving man-hours all round and improving efficiency. The possibilities for end-to-end automation across the business are what INTO are looking forward to exploring going forward.

“The integration has really opened the floodgates for INTO to think bigger…we’ve seen what we can do with the platform, and we are going to save a lot of resources and free up a lot of time.”

– Craig Harris, Business Infrastructure Manager at INTO

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