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Revolutionizing Employee Performance Tracking: Aktif Bank’s Comprehensive 360-Degree View Solution Built with Jitterbit LCAP

Turkey’s largest private investment bank designs a custom app to streamline performance management for its 1,200 employees.


Aktif Bank, headquartered in Esentepe, İstanbul, is the largest privately-held investment bank in Turkey, serving more than 10 million customers across more than 10 lines of business. With 12 branches across Turkey dedicated to corporate, investment, and private banking, plus several subsidiaries delivering innovative, digital-first and mobile services, Aktif Bank is considered the largest financial technologies ecosystem in the country. They employ more than 1,200 people across the bank and its subsidiaries.


In 2019, the bank embarked on an initiative to improve employee performance, impacting 1,200 staff members employed by the bank and its subsidiaries. The bank’s current performance management system lacked the necessary features to effectively evaluate employee performance, resulting in ineffective evaluation processes and additional workload and delays.

Therefore, the bank identified the need for a modern, comprehensive performance management system that could automate the evaluation process and provide actionable insights, as well as integrate with its internal instance of SAP that is used for ERP.


Aktif Bank used Jitterbit LCAP, the no-code application development tool built into Harmony, to create a custom 360 Performance Management application. The custom app was designed to streamline the evaluation process and provide a clear and consistent method for assessing employee performance, and to integrate with the bank’s internal SAP system, ensuring seamless data exchange and improved efficiency.

How It’s Used

The human resources department uses the application to carry out the employee performance evaluation process. Personnel information for 1,000+ employees is pulled into the application automatically via an SAP integration. The authentication process in the application is provided with AD access information, and at the same time, user transactions are recorded with logging methods.

Some of its key features include:

  • Customizable evaluation templates
  • Automated workflows for evaluation and approval
  • Employee self-assessment and peer evaluation
  • 360-degree feedback from managers and colleagues
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Integration with the bank’s SAP implementation

After the success of the Performance Management application, Aktif Bank expanded their use of Jitterbit LCAP to implement their “Clap Management” system, an employee motivation tool that is also used by more than 1,000 active users.


Aktif Bank has recognized measurable benefits from the custom application:

  • A 30% reduction in the time needed for evaluations, freeing up managers time to focus more on coaching and development activities for their teams.
  • A 25% increase in complete rate of evaluations thanks to the system’s automated reminders and notifications, leading to more accurate and comprehensive feedback for employees.
  • A 20% increase in productivity and revenue due to real-time visibility into performance metrics and goals allowing managers more quickly and easily identify high-performing employees and potential areas for improvement.
  • Saves HR staff up to 10 hours per week and reduces errors by 90% by integrating with Aktif Bank’s HR systems to eliminate data silos and reduce manual data entry.
  • Employee satisfaction scores have increased by 15%, with employees reporting a greater sense of clarity, fairness, and recognition in the evaluation process since implementing the 360-degree performance management system.
  • Retention rates increase by 10% with more targeted and effective employee initiatives driven by the ability to identify trends and gaps in employee performance and engagement through the system’s analytics and reporting capabilities.
  • Feedback from employees and managers has been overwhelmingly positive, with over 90% of respondents indicating that the system has improved the quality and transparency of the evaluation process and provided valuable insights for development and growth.


Aktif Bank’s use of Jitterbit LCAP to implement a 360-degree Performance Management system demonstrates its ability to meet the needs of large-scale enterprises. The power of Harmony platform allowed Aktif Bank to rapidly develop a custom application with enterprise-grade features, delivering an efficient, comprehensive solution for all its performance management needs.

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