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Harnessing The Power of Disruption in The Age of Hyperautomation

SaaS partnerships hyperautomation report

The rapid digital transformation of businesses, the emergence of API marketplaces and no-low code solutions, and the trend of hyperautomation have disrupted the world of systems integrators.

That’s why we commissioned our report SaaS Partnerships in the Age of Hyperautomation: A Survey of EMEA Systems Integrators. In it, we find out how EMEA Systems Integrators are responding to–and harnessing–hyperautomation, the evolving needs of their customers, the disruptive forces they face, and their strategic plans to meet these challenges head-on.

Working with third-party market research company Norstat, we commissioned a survey of 100 Senior Systems Integrator professionals across EMEA. The report includes actionable insights on how Systems Integrators can harness multi-factor disruption to their advantage – and ensure they remain at the heart of their customers’ digital transformation moving forward.

The survey was conducted in early 2022 and its findings are revealing, including:

  • Reducing workload and operating costs are the major driving forces behind hyperautomation for the customers of systems integrators.
  • 76% of Systems Integrators believe their customers now value hyperautomation over integration.
  • 78% of Systems Integrators agree they have a vital role in helping their customers become hyperautomated businesses.

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