Idea Village connects MS Dynamics GP with an eBridge Connections Integrated EDI Solution and improves business efficiency

The Situation: Manual data entry resulting in human errors and an inefficient business process

When Idea Village contacted eBridge Connections, they were operating under an inefficient business process with a large staff needed in order to run their operations. “Manual data entry was slowing our business down and resulting in human errors and an inefficient process,” said Alfredo Sanoguel, Idea Village’s IT Director/EDI Coordinator. “Our company receives thousands of orders a week, and without implementing an EDI solution, we would never have been able to keep up with our orders moving forward.”

The Solution: EDI document integration with MS Dynamics GP

eBridge Connections worked with Idea Village to come up with a highly flexible and cost effective integrated EDI solution. By automating EDI document processing, the eBridge Professional Services Group first connected Idea Village’s MS Dynamics GP with the eBridge Connections integration platform. For each trading partner the solution was configured to retrieve outbound documents from MS Dynamics GP, convert them into an EDI format, and send to the partner for processing. Conversely, inbound EDI documents from each trading partner were set up to be retrieved, translated, and imported into MS Dynamics GP.

The Results

The solution helped Idea Village to better serve their customers in a timely and efficient manner. After many years as an eBridge customer, Idea Village has stated with confidence that the eBridge Connections Integrated EDI Solution has played a major role in the success of their company. When it comes to savings observed thus far, Idea Village estimates that eBridge’s solution has saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars since implementation.

What would you say to other businesses considering eBridge Connections?

“I personally think eBridge Connections is a great platform for Microsoft Dynamics GP,” said Alfredo. “It has helped us considerably to do business with our customers and I would definitely recommend other businesses consider eBridge for an integrated EDI solution.”

About Idea Village

Idea Village Products Corp. is a developer and marketer of some of the most successful consumer products in “As Seen on TV” history. The visionary leaders of Idea Village pioneered the TV-to-retail model & built an organization that leads the field in maximizing TV products at retail. Their strategic partners include all of the leading discount retailers, major drugstores, & specialty retailers in the United States.

About eBridge Connections

eBridge Connections delivers powerful, cloud-based ERP and accounting integration solutions that automate vital business processes and eliminate the need for manual data entry. The eBridge universal integration platform supports over 30 ERP and accounting systems including products from Microsoft, Sage, SAP, NetSuite, and Epicor. With connections to the leading e-commerce and CRM applications, plus hundreds of EDI trading partners, eBridge Connections has become the integration platform of choice for businesses worldwide.

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