Jitterbit Survey Reveals Low-Code Application Platforms Play an Important Role in Automation

State of Automation Research Report

Business leaders share how low-code application platforms drive digital innovation across teams

ALAMEDA, Calif., May 15, 2023Jitterbit, a global leader for empowering transformation through automation, today announced the results of its “2023 State of Automation: How Low-Code Application Platforms Disrupt the IT Status Quo and Ignite Digital Growth” survey. Available now, the report reveals a business landscape in which organizations are facing mounting pressure to drive digital transformation and achieve greater efficiency, yet often lack the tech resources to execute digital strategies effectively. To move the needle on digital innovation, businesses are increasingly turning to low-code application platforms (LCAPs), enabling non-IT and IT executives alike to build business apps without coding experience.

Based on responses from IT, marketing and human resources executives from more than 100 U.S.-based companies with 100 or more employees, the survey uncovered several key findings about the adoption and prioritization of LCAP solutions. According to 85% of survey respondents, building low-code applications is a top organizational priority.

This focus on LCAP is driven by several different factors, including a strong need for effective automation, concerns around the rise of unauthorized applications across devices and a real desire to address organizational challenges without extensive IT involvement.

Some of the other key findings uncovered include:

  • IT executives are largely supportive of non-IT built applications and data flows, but share concerns about solving key business challenges. Most IT respondents feel very or extremely at ease with non-IT employees utilizing low-code platforms for building applications. However, their level of comfort is noticeably lower compared to executives in other departments.
  • HR and Marketing stand to benefit from LCAP as they obtain autonomy over IT decisions. According to respondents, marketing and HR executives place a higher priority on building, deploying, or maintaining low-code applications to help accelerate key initiatives.

“Low-code application platforms are becoming increasingly vital to accelerate automation initiatives and keep up with the rapid pace of business. To stay competitive, executives recognize the need to prioritize LCAPs, however, they still remain cautious about the security, accessibility of data, and overall success of low-code applications,” said Vito Salvaggio, senior vice president, product management, at Jitterbit. “Robust LCAP solutions must address these concerns while meeting organizations’ needs for easy maintenance and deployment, simplicity of use, reduction of manual labor and lowered costs. When organizations can leverage LCAP solutions with confidence, their ability to drive digital innovation will be unmatched.”

To gain insights from the complete survey findings, download the survey results at https://www.jitterbit.com/ebook/2023-state-of-lcap-integration.

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