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Create a 360° view of your customers, partners, and employees with Jitterbit's Salesforce Data Loader tool.

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Managing your Salesforce data just got easier.

Salesforce Data Loader LP Diagram

Salesforce Data Loader Simplifies Data Management

  • Wizard-based, graphical point & click configuration.
  • Insert, Update, Upsert, Query, Delete, and Bulk Load.
  • Automate, schedule and reuse operations!
Cloud Management Console for Salesforce Data Loader

Cloud Management Console

  • Automatic backups to the Jitterbit Cloud.
  • Manage operations from anywhere on any device.
  • Easy administration with operation logs, history and queues.
More Connectivity for Salesforce Data Loader

More Connectivity for Salesforce Data Loader

  • Any flat file or ODBC/JDBC database.
  • Easily flip between Sandbox and Production orgs.
  • Works with Salesforce Group Edition and above.
Advanced Features for Salesforce Data Loader

Utilize Data Loader’s Advanced Features

  • Jitterbit “Automapper” connects similar fields for you.
  • Function library for deeper data transformations.
  • Unmatched performance with Large Volume API support.

…and it’s FREE*. Ready to try the Jitterbit Salesforce Data Loader?

* Data Loader may be used without charge for up to the current operation limit of 100 operations per month.

Video Testimonial

“We have saved 2500 man-hours of Salesforce data loader jobs that are not being run manually.”

- Roy Moore, Sr. Salesforce Developer, Compassion International

How it Works: Salesforce Data Management in 5 Steps

Step 1


Configure endpoints including flat files, databases, or Salesforce.

Step 2


Select a Salesforce object using point-and-click filters and conditions.

Step 3

Map and Transform

Data fields can be mapped and transformed in a graphical interface.

Step 4


Schedule operations down to the second with the built-in scheduler.

Step 5


Manage your operations, track queues, and view activity logs.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Salesforce Data Loader

What is a Salesforce Data Loader?

Jitterbit’s Salesforce Data Loader is a downloadable integration tool that enables users to synchronize data between Salesforce and other systems, such as databases, applications, and external services.

What are the benefits of using Data Loader for Salesforce integration?

Downloading Jitterbit’s Data Loader for Salesforce integration offers several benefits:

  • Rapid and easy process of importing/exporting data in and out of Salesforce.
  • Provide a consistent view of customer and account information across the organization.
  • Significantly improve operational efficiencies by automating common processes.
  • Rapidly import new sales leads, update accounts, or export marketing data into analytics applications.
  • Eliminate IT dependence for data loading tasks with tools designed for the Salesforce Administrator.

Overall, Data Loader simplifies managing data in Salesforce integration processes, improves data accuracy and efficiency, and helps organizations make the most out of their Salesforce investment.

What do I get with the cloud-enabled Data Loader?

The new Jitterbit Data Loader includes everything you’ve come to love about Jitterbit Data Loader plus a brand new cloud management console that provides automatic project backups and anywhere/any device access to view and manage your Data Loader operations. You can also check for the new version of Data Loader and get one-click access to upgrade. As with the previous data loader version, everything runs on the award-winning Jitterbit integration platform, so you not only get the same ease-of-use and performance, but a seamless upgrade path to complete integration.

How does Data Loader handle security? What data is backed up to the cloud?

Only project metadata is backed up to the cloud, including operation logs. We never store any of your data. All meta data is securely moved to the cloud using SSL encryption and messages are authorized and authenticated bi-directionally before being stored.

How do I download projects from the cloud to another instance of Cloud Data Loader?

If you have previously built a project on the Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader and backed it up to the cloud, you will automatically be prompted to download your backup when you install your Data Loader agent on a new machine.

Which version of Salesforce and what operating systems does Data Loader work with?

Jitterbit’s Salesforce Data Loader supports every version of Salesforce from Group Edition up. The agent will run on Windows XP and newer, and Mac OSX 10.7 or higher. View System Requirements to download Salesforce Data Loader

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