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A transformational shift in higher education requires expert API integration

Leading institutions turn to integrated education solutions for seamless workflow automation

Leading institutions turn to integrated education solutions for seamless workflow automation

By Greg Belkin, Sr. Director of Product Marketing

More than two years after the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, much is still uncertain in higher education. One thing, however, is clear: there won’t be a return to what was previously considered normal.

Instead of simply reacting to disruption, institutions are taking the opportunity to wholly reshape their delivery models and better serve emerging needs. In its annual survey of IT professionals in higher education, EDUCAUSE determined that top issues and concerns for 2022 included:

  • Preparing for “cyber everywhere” education – Ensuring that processes, infrastructure, and staff are prepared to protect and secure institutional data
  • Continuing to evolve digitally – Speeding digital transformation to boost efficiency, enhance flexibility, and further develop workforce skills
  • Offering a blended experience – Providing both digital and physical brick-and-mortar spaces for working and learning
  • Embracing change – Developing a strategic, technology-enhanced vision and approach moving forward (instead of seeing the world of higher education as diminished)
  • Learning from a crisis – Establishing actionable disaster-preparation plans for the future

It’s an ongoing shift in higher education that sounds like a tall order for institutional IT groups. But IT teams can keep pace with integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solutions that create flexible, scalable foundations for delivering on core objectives.

iPaaS offerings provide application programming interface (API) tools that make it fast and easy to integrate disparate systems and applications. With API integrations in place, institutions replace disjointed processes with streamlined, automated workflows, delivering an exceptional digital experience across organizational functions: recruitment, enrollment, learning, alumni engagement, and more.

An integrated education solution is key to a connected campus

What does integrated education look like in practice?

For Berklee Online, one of the world’s largest digital educators, keeping its IT infrastructure up to date and connected is critical in serving its students, faculty, and administrators effectively. But as its IT environment expanded and grew increasingly complex, the organization struggled with inefficient processes, siloed data, and a lack of visibility across its operations.

Deploying Jitterbit iPaaS technology, Berklee’s IT team connected its disparate systems and enterprise applications—including Salesforce, ERP software, and internal databases—to establish a 360-degree view of student data. In addition, the group created integrations connecting its Salesforce instance with Informer business analytics software, a Marketo marketing automation application, and an FTP platform.

Now, Berklee quickly and easily expands its IT infrastructure as needed while keeping its costs low. And with Jitterbit serving as its central connectivity hub, the educator offers best-of-breed digital services, providing students, faculty, and staff with a seamless digital experience.

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