App Builder

A low-code application development and data integration platform

Jitterbit Cloud App Builder

Empower everyone to build apps

Jitterbit’s App Builder provides a low-code application development and data integration platform for business technologists without depending on IT resources.


A low-code development platform for business technologists


Workflow Hyperautomation

Simply automating pieces of your process isn’t enough anymore. We can help you go beyond.

  • Automate processes from end to end via integration with API Manager
  • Holistic integration capability enables innovative business processes
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Improved Productivity

Automate your manual workflows for greater speed and efficiency.

  • Reduce manual process touchpoints by up to 90%
  • Eliminate errors introduced by repetitive manual inputs and processes
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Mitigate Risk

Traditional development brings risks. App Builder gives you a different option.

  • Minimize error potential by implementing automated processes
  • Ensure security for non-traditional development environments
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Unified Development

Say goodbye to fragmented, inefficient development plans.

  • Consolidate app development across your organization
  • Empower users to meet their own development needs
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Consistent Experience

Give your teams a singular, consistent development environment—they’ll thank you for it.

  • Reduce context switching and system awareness costs for end users
  • Enable a unified experience, regardless of workload
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Simplified IT Management

Fewer systems and infrastructures for your users means fewer for you to maintain.

  • Reduce upkeep time and costs for your internal IT and development teams
  • Focus your IT team’s time on critical updates and issues rather than upkeep

What else can Harmony do?

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Cloud Studio

Create workflows with an intuitive graphical interface optimized for ease-of-use and ease-of-access.

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API Manager

Create and publish developer-friendly API’s and perform full API lifecycle management tasks.

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Management Console

Control and monitor your integrations and processes anywhere, anytime through a centralized view across the enterprise.

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Access hundreds of pre-built recipes, process templates, and connectors to create new workflows quickly and easily.

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