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Gourmet Settings has trusted eBridge’s SAP Business One and EDI connector for over 12 years now and has easily transferred thousands of documents as a result

If you’re in need of quality flatware, Gourmet Settings has had you covered since 1994. With knives, forks and spoons that are beautiful, practical, and well-priced, Gourmet Settings has won accolades, attention, and a whole lot of happy customers.

So many happy customers, in fact, that after just a few years in business, Gourmet Settings knew they needed to integrate their business systems if they wanted to keep up with high order volumes on their webstore and sell in more retail stores across the country (with strict requirements for EDI).

The Situation: Sales, sales, and more sales (a good problem to have)

Gourmet Settings knew their business was a hit. Their original thinking, pursuit of innovative solutions, and constant striving for perfection and a personal touch had quickly made them an industry leader. This meant their sales were growing, fast!

Keeping up with the high transaction volumes on their webstore meant a lot of manual data entry to and from their SAP Business One ERP system. Plus, growing their business even more, meant getting their product on the shelves of more big-box retailers like Target, Costco, Kroger, Loblaws, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc. To do so, Gourmet Settings needed an EDI integration solution that would electronically transfer data from their ERP to these retail giants.

The Solution: Connect their SAP Business One ERP system with their online store and a number of EDI trading partners

Back in 2004, Gourmet Settings gave eBridge a call to learn about ideal data flow goals and integration. Thanks to eBridge, they were able to exchange important business documents with the 10+ EDI trading partners they were eager to do business with, and also integrate their webstore into the mix so that orders, inventory, and more would be automated as well.

Even more exiting was the fact that eBridge offers flat rate EDI pricing. This meant that Gourmet Settings would never be charged per transaction, and that no matter how big the company grew, they would be able to transfer as many documents per year as they needed at a fixed price. They were not penalized for being successful.

Would Gourmet Settings recommend eBridge to other businesses? Absolutely.

The 12+ years that Gourmet Settings has trusted eBridge with their important business documents is a true testament to the reliability of eBridge’s platform. Over the years, Rose Rufolo of Gourmet Settings has never failed to refer eBridge to other businesses she comes across that are looking for an integration platform as a service provider.

What makes Gourmet Settings unique?

The number of EDI trading partners Gourmet Settings does business with speaks volumes about the company. It’s clear that popular retail stores are a fan of their products and eager to stock their shelves with them.

If you ask Gourmet Settings what makes them special, they’ll tell you it’s their people. According to their website, “everybody at Gourmet Settings thinks as a team.” Through our own interactions with Rose and countless other Gourmet Settings employees, we couldn’t agree more! These are people who truly care.

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