Management Console

Control, monitor, and manage all your integration projects in one place.

Jitterbit Management Console

Integration management, simplified and streamlined

With a centralized view, Management Console lets administrators manage integration projects, define integration project lifecycles, and enforce security and access control rights for all integrations across the enterprise.


Manage all your integrations without the headaches


Reduce Cost of Management

Minimize the cost of managing your integration projects with a centralized view across the organization.

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Faster Issue Resolution

Identify and resolve issues faster with real-time alerts and consolidated dashboards.

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Robust Security and Access Control

Get tools to enforce the security and access control rights for each defined stage of the integration project lifecycle.

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Better Cross-Team Collaboration

With controlled access privilege and custom roles and memberships, easily manage your integration environment by collaborating with other team members.

What else can Harmony do?

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Cloud Studio

Create workflows with an intuitive graphical interface optimized for ease-of-use and ease-of-access.

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Icon - Harmony: API Manager

API Manager

Create and publish developer-friendly API’s and perform full API lifecycle management tasks.

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Icon - Harmony: App Builder

Jitterbit’s App Builder

Rapidly build, deploy and maintain web and mobile browser-based apps.

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Access hundreds of pre-built recipes, process templates, and connectors to create new workflows quickly and easily.

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