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HR Integrations

Gilbarco Leverages Jitterbit to Deliver HR Systems for its Global Workforce

Gilbarco delivers high-end HR systems to empower productivity and reduce data errors


US-based Gilbarco is a global supplier of fuel dispensers, payment systems, and other related merchandise. It employs over 4,000 people in different global locations, including North and South America, Europe, Asia, the Pacific Rim, Australia, the Middle East and Africa. Gilbarco began as a gas-lit lamps manufacturer in 1865 and is now a complete solutions provider and one of the largest fueling companies in the world.


In the last few decades, Gilbarco has been part of several different corporate spin-offs. In 2016, the Gilbarco brand and its related companies were spun off from Danaher, as part of the Fortive launch. In 2020, the Gilbarco brand and companies (as part of Fortive) were spun off as part of the Vontier launch.

Given these changes, Gilbarco’s senior management wanted to ensure their global employee felt valued, respected, focused, and productive. To do this, they needed to marshal all of their critical assets, resources, and systems (new and old) to bring the same support to their employees as they did to their customers.

To create an efficient workplace for employees, Gilbarco needed to integrate new systems as part of the Vontier launch. However, Gilbarco relied mostly on the efforts of their software development teams to put together point-to-point integrations that required regular custom developments. For this very reason, integration projects were often slow to deliver and reliant on expensive resources with the required programming knowledge.

“There were heavy dependencies on specific developers or teams with what we refer to as ‘tribal knowledge’ of those point-to-point integrations,” said Kevin Islom, Senior Development Manager at Gilbarco. This created bottlenecks and process gaps for Gilbarco’s HR leaders, executives, and teams.


Gilbarco turned to our low-code integration platform, Harmony, to quickly and easily integrate their disparate systems and automate workflows. The company’s goal was to provide a connected and seamless employee experience for its entire workforce, powered by smarter decision-making by creating a single source of truth for employee data.

“When we were faced with challenges, typically associated with M&A or with corporate spin-offs, we needed a solution that would help us come up to speed…and reduce the time taken for new integrations with our existing systems. Our need was a solution that would bring all integrations, programming languages, and skill sets on one common platform, so that in case of employee turnover on the IT side, we would not have limitations in support. And Jitterbit proved to be that solution for us,”
– Kevin Isom, Senior Development Manager, Gilbarco


Gilbarco’s integration of key HR systems created numerous benefits for employees and key stakeholders alike, including faster time to productivity, fewer data errors, higher employee morale and productivity, and decreased turnover. Gilbarco also noted:

  • Decreased employee time-to-productivity.
    Jitterbit’s API integrations ensure that both new and existing employees enjoy a smooth process transition, whether they are new hires or veterans. Gilbarco’s employee base was quickly brought up to speed with the integration of key HR systems and apps.
  • Reduced time to value.
    Gilbarco’s IT systems were accelerated and streamlined, moving away from their reliance on personnel dependencies, manual errors while feeding employee information, etc.
  • Elimination of compliance issues due to manual processes.
    Gilbarco eliminated repetitive, time-consuming manual data entry by integrating key HR systems, creating a single source of truth and eliminating room for human error.
  • Reduced costs and time.
    Gilbarco avoided their need for multiple, one-off custom integrations and dependencies on external resources, saving time and money.

“Jitterbit integrations were quick to roll out. We started with one or two, and eventually ended up doing 5+ simultaneously in order to meet the required business deadline. We had a very short window to stand up to the Vontier corporate applications, as all of the applications needed to be live and working by that deadline.”
– Kevin Isom, Senior Development Manager, Gilbarco

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