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Citizen Integrator Recipe of the Week: Automating Ecommerce

Citizen Integrator eCommerce

In case you missed it, we had some pretty big news last week. Jitterbit became the first integration solution to combine a do-it-yourself integration experience for everyday business users with a powerful design experience for developers—all running together on a single iPaaS cloud integration platform with centralized management and monitoring.

Basically, we have enabled citizen integrators, non-technical data users, to build and deploy their own integrations in a few clicks with pre-built templates called recipes.

We continue to add to our recipe library, and our focus is on creating these integrations with specific business functions and needs in mind.

One example: ecommerce.

In digital commerce businesses, everyone from business analysts to marketing professionals and finance groups to service organizations need access to customer profile, inventory and pricing data that can be housed in systems they don’t use on a day-to-day basis—or even have access to.

With a solution like Citizen Integrator, end-users can not only finally get the data they need, it’s also incredibly simple. 1. Select a recipe. 2. Answer a few questions about the configuration. 3. Deploy the connection. 4. Monitor it all in one place.

Here a few examples of the ecommerce recipes that are currently baked in:

  • Shopify Contacts —> Salesforce
    • Connect Shopify and Salesforce contacts to ensure data integrity and gain a more accurate view of customers.
  • Shopify Products —> Salesforce
    • Connect Shopify product details with Salesforce to better understand inventory and fulfillment.
  • Shopify Contacts —> NetSuite
    • Connect Shopify contacts to Netsuite for accurate reporting and billing.
  • Shopify Products —> NetSuite
    • Connect Shopify Product to NetSuite for easier implementation, invoicing and service tracking.

Want to explore these recipes and see what else Citizen Integrator has to offer? Check out our free 30-day trial. Next, we’ll look at some Sales and Marketing recipes!

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