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Leveros Integrates Marketplaces with Support From Jitterbit

Leveros Seamlessly Integrates Marketplaces Without Compromising Stocks and Operations

Jitterbit’s Wevo iPaaS integrates Leveros’ e-commerce marketplaces with the company’s SAP management system, ensuring greater agility in the control of orders and stocks and improving efficiencies.


Leveros offers a variety of air conditioners including split inverters, cassette and multi-split along with installation & cleaning services.


Leveros began working with third-party sales platforms in 2013, right when that form of business was becoming popular in the Brazilian market. But a problem soon arose: how to integrate marketplaces with the company’s other channels?

Besides its own virtual store, Leveros has physical stores (currently five) and counts on over 3,000 partners spread throughout the country. It was necessary to create an information flow to allow orders placed in the marketplaces to connect to the management platform that controls the entire operation.

“Today, the brand knows that it needs to operate on several fronts in e-commerce in order to improve its results. That demands a greater attention to the integrations between all channels so as to avoid any ruptures in stock or errors in the orders’ conclusion,” said Diogo Lupinari, VP of LATAM Region.


Leveros turned to Jitterbit’s Wevo iPaaS solution to develop APIs and plug-ins to connect all their external orders.

Today, Jitterbit integrates their orders coming from e-commerce platforms, including all marketplaces, with SAP’s company management system. This ensures greater agility in the control of orders and stocks.


In the case of Leveros, marketplace integration was fundamental to bring better security to their online operation. This has allowed them to widen their company’s participation in those channels without risking stock breaks.

With Wevo iPaaS, integrating marketplaces became far easier and more intuitive, allowing Leveros’ own professionals to solve small problems, or, at least, to map them quickly.

“It was a big leap in quality. Last year we had sales peaks and made it through a Black Friday without any problems at all in our integrations. It really is a partnership that goes beyond a commercial relationship,” said Tiziano Giordano, CEO of Leveros.

The success obtained in that endeavor has caused both companies to narrow the bonds of their partnership. For the future, Leveros’ goal is to deepen the knowledge of their professionals in our platform.

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