IT Process Automation

Free up IT resources by creating streamlined processes and agile teams with IT automation. Focus on strategic work to increase operational efficiency.

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Connect your IT process applications for a seamless digital experience across the enterprise.

Providing an excellent digital experience is not just an expectation but a requirement for your customers as well as employees. However, this means integrating and automating the IT operations landscape of each department. IT sets the best practices for integrating your common applications—like Salesforce, Netsuite, Workday, Coupa, Zendesk, or BMC—to deliver exceptional customer and employee experience.

Why Jitterbit

Automation tools to revolutionize your IT operations.

With the explosion in SaaS applications across the enterprise, IT teams are always pressed for time and resources. Integration and automation across departmental IT systems can help you tackle this challenge. Whether you’re looking to improve customer service or increase security, Jitterbit can integrate applications and automate workflows for tickets, cases, orders, or inventory—all on a single cloud solution—so you can use one platform to address all your IT needs.


HR Services

Integrate with HCM systems and quickly equip employees to be productive and efficient while delivering end-to-end HR service from hire to retire.


Customer Service

Synchronize customer data across applications to quickly and accurately respond to issues.

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Information Technology

Improve incident management by automating cases and ticket management. Track and resolve issues faster by connecting information across various systems.

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Security Operations

Strengthen IT security and improve compliance while maintaining a seamless flow of critical information between teams for increased transparency.

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"Jitterbit Makes our Life Easy.”

Loel Cabantac | Senior Developer, IT Support at Allvalue Holding Corp.

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