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Integration is Key to Solving the Customer Experience Puzzle

Customer Experience Puzzle

Customer Experience Matters…and it’s Evolving.

By Kunal Mehta, Director, Product Marketing

In today’s uncertain economic climate, businesses are under a lot of pressure when it comes to innovating and delivering personalized customer experiences (CX). According to Forbes and Arm Treasure Data, 83% of executives feel that unimproved CX presents them with considerable revenue and market share risks. Why? Because the customer experience is continuing to evolve exponentially over a short amount of time. CX is no longer just a transaction focused on shopping and buying; it’s a process at the center of the customer journey.

What are the Challenges in Achieving CX?

Data Silos

Data silos occur because customer data gets generated from multiple interactions across various touchpoints such as the company website, online searches, e-commerce and POS transactions, support tickets, off-line sales interactions, renewals, etc. However, this data lives in disparate CRM, ticketing/support solutions, or other e-commerce applications, making it increasingly difficult to generate an end-to-end understanding of customers. As a result, data silos prevent organizations from delivering a consistent and personalized customer experience.

Legacy Systems & Custom Coding

Some organizations still rely on outdated legacy systems in addition to a mix of on-premise and cloud applications. This data often lacks consistency across platforms which causes data mapping and migration issues that result in broken insights due to legacy point-to-point integrations. Adding to this complexity, custom-coded integrations cannot be easily changed or extended. The lack of flexibility can hurt your company’s ability to scale.

Lack of IT Resources

Many businesses went into panic mode during the pandemic, creating a widespread need for rapid digital transformation. This accelerated digital pace is still the norm for most organizations, and many IT departments are overburdened and lack the resources they need to efficiently serve their teams at this rate. Additionally, IT teams who still rely on manual processes further slow operations and create bottlenecks across departments. 

Long story short: businesses that are unable to provide personalized customer experiences will see a negative impact on their Customer Lifetime Value over time.

Integration Is Essential for Innovative CX

By integrating systems and business processes, organizations can seamlessly connect customer touchpoints and map process flows to better understand customer behavior. Data mapping and integration lays the foundation for identifying actionable insights that build personalized experiences and improve customer experiences

CX360 with Jitterbit

Jitterbit’s CX360 solution helps integrate these systems and critical business processes throughout the entire customer lifecycle by leveraging automation across key workflows such as billing and invoicing, order and fulfillment, and customer management. Our solution eliminates silos by connecting key data between sales, marketing, operations, and support teams. 

Rather than relying on internal expertise to develop data integrations, we offer a complete toolkit of pre-built connectors, recipes, and process templates to connect disparate systems and automate critical business processes for a single view of the customer. Get a true Customer 360 experience by connecting all customer touchpoints across SaaS, on-premises, and other data sources so you can better understand customer behavior and deliver personalized experiences.

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